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WWE Over the Limit 5/22 2011 Complete Results

by on May 22, 2011

Join us starting around 8 PM ET for live results of tonight’s WWE PPV from Seattle, where instead of the Sonics vs. Mavericks in the NBA Western Conference Finals,Wade Barrett gets to wrestle instead.

Join Mike under the cut for the results.

Show opens with a graphic in memory of “Macho Man” Randy Savage

1. R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio – Truth called the Seattle fans “stank filled hippies” Truth cuts a promo to start the show. Normally I’d hate this on a PPV, but Truth as a heel is so damn awesome. awesome. Truth hits a flying elbow for a close two. Rey gets crotched on the apron and hit with a lariat. Truth then gets the win a downward spiral move. Truth has no entrance music. Decent opener. Got Truth over well as a heel, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite acts in WWE

Miz promo with Gresham. Seattle is shown. City of Stephen slapping Irene.

2. Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson for the IC title. Zeke’s had one real good match with Christian at Rumble ’10 but thats about it. Not a fan of these two feuding over the IC title, but thats me thinking the IC title still means something today. “I have no idea what the hell you are trying to say.” – Michael Cole to Booker T. Barrett hits a couple power moves for two. Impressive by Barrett considering how huge Zeke is. Justin Gabriel interferes as Zeke has Barrett to give Zeke the win by DQ. 3 on 1 beat down afterward with Heath Slater joining in. Very uninteresting match.

WrestleMania XXVII DVD and Blu Ray now available with Shawn’s Hall of Fame induction and what was Edge’s final match.

Mason Ryan and CM Punk find McGillicutty and Otunga attacked in the dressing room. Punk worries more about winning the tag titles than the two guys laying on the ground. He just tells them to walk it off.

3. Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. Good showcase for the former Mistico to show off his spots on a guy who knows how to get them over. Not a fan of the lighting they do for Sin Cara. He hits a gorgeous moonsault on Chavo for two. He hits a real nice dive over a camera man to Chavo on the outside corner. Cara hits a bunch of kicks followed by a springboard elbow for two. Cross body for two. Chavo goes for the Gory special on Cara but he gets out of it. Slips up on a move but makes up for it in the end driving Chavo’s face to the mat for the win. Decent, solid match, nothing more.

Gresham interviews Orton and Christian.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. He talks about the sneaky, evil Canadians who cross into USA and rags on people in Seattle and their miserable lives. He talks as Big Show and Kane come out. Kane’s angry that the rapture didn’t come yesterday. Great line. They chase Del Rio away.

4. WWE Tag Champs Kane & Big Show vs. CM Punk & Mason Ryan. Ryan has great strength, can’t deny that. Kane and Big Show retain the titles after a double choke slam on Ryan. WHO CAN STOP THIS TEAM?!

Safeco Field, home of WrestleMania 19, is shown.

They show a video to hype the next PPV for Capitol Punishment. It’s a press conference with Obama with fake questions thrown in. He will be there.

It’s now 9:14. The final three matches all need to deliver between a good ending to Cole and Lawler, a good match in Christian/Orton and some WWE magic in the I Quit match. This PPV so far has been pretty dull.

Speaking of dull, the Bella Twins come out. They’re in a match it looks like I forgotten about. Or Brie is anyway.

5. Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly for the Diva’s Title. Little Guido is the referee. They did the switch to Nikki and she hit the X-Factor on Kelly for the pin. Brie Bella retains the title. No Kharma.

Michael Cole leaves because he’s an athlete so he wants to prepare. He says has to do some stretching.

World Heavyweight Title match, without Cole to ruin it on commentary, is next at 9:22. A good preview hype video is shown.

6. World Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian. In-ring introductions for the title match are always a nice touch.

Orton retains the title. Real good match – one of the best in WWE this year. Dueling chants throughout to what was a dead crowd til this match. Worked a slow pace early and constantly one upped each other with moves. At times both men showed to be one step ahead of the other, countering moves. Orton uses this awesome frontward Boston crab kinda move to work on Christian’s recently injured back. Nearfall on a Christian fake to the RKO, how Orton won the title, with Christian getting a close two on a sunset flip. Nice spot. Orton hit a hangman DDT for two. RKO countered. Christian goes for a spear but gets power slammed for two. Orton teases a punt to the head but gets speared for a close two. Crowd is all standing. Christian goes for the unprettier, Orton reveres, Christian reverses, Orton hit a RKO for the pin.

Booker T on commentary is insane. He is an insane man.

7. Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Michael Cole – Kiss My Foot match. Cole comes out in dressed in his announcer clothes. Ref orders him to fight Lawler and the bell is run and Lawler goes nuts. Cole does get momentum and shows off his hideous looking foot. Lawler throws Cole into the Cole Mine breaking it into pieces. Lawler hits the fist from the middle rope and gets the pin fall. Short match with Lawler finally getting his win.

Eve Torres comes out and hits a moonsault on Cole. Jim Ross comes out and takes out a bottle of BBQ sauce and pours it over Cole’s face and down his shirt. Cole tries to leave before kissing Lawler’s foot. He cuts a promo saying he’s not going to and just as he goes to leave BRET HART comes out. He puts Cole in the sharpshooter as Lawler sticks his foot in Cole’s mouth. That was awesome bringing in Bret! Total surprise and the crowd went APE SHIT when Bret came out. Match was whatever, but good post match. They leave to Bret’s music.

Jim Ross joins commentary for main event, Bret walks around ringside slapping everyone’s hand, and Eve and Lawler walk to the back together as Cole hams it up at ringside.

That’s What I Am is some film critic’s best movie of this year so far.

Help Is On The Way from Rise Against is this year’s theme. Catchy song.

8. John Cena defends the WWE Championship against The Miz in an I QUIT match. I have decent expectations for this match.

Real cool to have JR on commentary. They did this deal where because the match has no rules, Alex Riley basically joined in the entire match making it a 2 on 1 beat down. They did a thing where Riley would slam the steps on Cena if he didn’t quit. He didn’t, so Riley did. Riley held Cena while Miz held a Singapore cane, Cena didn’t quit “You hit like a girl”, so Cena got hit. Things like that went on. Cena then refused to quit as Miz then went nuts with the cane hitting him ten times in a ro as Riley held him. That was brutal.

They took Cena up the ramp and Miz suplexed him on the steel entrance. They’re going to have to do something with this damn red car thats been inexplicibly sitting there all night, I’m sure of this. Cena shows signs of delusion saying no as he’s asked. Miz orders a man to take off his belt and threatens Cena, who eventually gets strapped with the belt about 10 times. It’s all very brutal stuff, uncomfortable at times watching Cena get beaten, but it’s also incredibly predictible.

Cena breaks off Riley and fights back. They head back into the ring as the ref gets taken out. Miz places a chair unfolded between the outside top and middle rope. He hits the skull crushing finale on it as the chair had moved, with I think Cena getting driven right into the top of the chair. Miz takes the mic and taunts children in the front row. “Never. Not any day.” The fat kid craving attention next to the kid Miz is talking to jumos in the conversation and suggests Miz quits first. Miz will not stop until Cena quits. “Those kids are smarter than you are” – Cena “………” – crowd in response.

Cena gets hit with a chair as what sounded as a very phony I Quit is heard. Miz wins title… or does he? He doesn’t because it was Riley’s cell phone saying I Quit.

Cena comes back and straps Miz’s back and they fight to the top of the ramp. Cena puts Miz in the FU as Miz quits and Cena retains the title.

First hour and a half was not very good at all. Sin Cara was okay, but other than that, it was all passible. Then the WHC came which was very good and worth watching for sure. Cole/Lawler was whatever and seems to be over. The main event was decent, if just dragging in spots because you knew what was going to happen as it kept going on and on.

Check Christian/Orton, skip the rest. Bret was a nice surprise though.

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– Mike

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