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GLEEBLOG #9: Are You Ready for Nationals?

by on May 22, 2011

Next week is the Glee season finale, not to mention the pinnacle of competitive show choir, Nationals.  There are so many things that still need to be answered before next season.  Is Will going to leave teaching to perform?  Will Finchel happen again, or is Jesse St. James going to manipulate himself into Rachel’s heart once more?  Is Sue really going to run for Congress?


The Finn-Rachel-Jesse Triangle
Finn and Quinn?  Splitsville.  When going to find Rachel, Finn spotted Rachel and Jesse kissing.  So does that mean there’s no hope for Finchel?  Not exactly.  Rumor is, Finn and Rachel go to dinner at Sardi’s, followed by a walk in Central Park (accompanied by Pick, Sam, Artie and Mike sining “Bella Notte”), and from these pics, it looks like they have a lovely time.  I’m hoping this leads to a reconciliation, but knowing Glee, it might not happen until next season.  As for Jesse, I think Rachel will start to see through him.

Will Will leave McKinley?
Will’s plan now is to star in April’s show over the summer and go back to school in the fall, hoping the kids don’t find out.  However, we learned from the episode’s promo that not only do the kids find out, but they find out before they perform at nationals.  Since Matthew Morrison has shot down rumors that he’s leaving the show, I don’t think we have to worry.

Is Sue really going to leave the glee club alone to focus on her political agenda?
Short answer?  I seriously doubt it.  We’ve seen Sue agree to play nice before, but it always ends with her vowing even more revenge than before.

The Music
New Directions will be singing original songs again (and Matthew Morrison is supposed to sing a song off his new album as well), and the episode also features “For Good” from Wicked as well (I’m particularly excited for that!)

Quinn’s “Plan”
So Quinn said she has big plans for New York.  I’m assuming they somehow involve humiliating Rachel as much as humanly possible.  Anybody else have any ideas?

And don’t forget kiddos: Glee’s season finale will be airing at 9:00pm EST on Tuesday instead of the usual 8:00pm to make room for the first part of the American Idol finale.

R.I.P. Jean Sylvester
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