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5/22 Chikara Aniversario Full Results! (Union City, ACE Arena)

by on May 22, 2011

Results are courtesy of our friend @WeWatchRasslin. Check their website

Also courtesy of our friend Leonard Chikarason and the official Chikara twitter feed. @chikarapro

Join Mike under the break for the results! Don’t forget we’ll have a podcast coming up soon with Tom’s live thoughts on ROH Supercard of Honor VI and live results for tonight’s WWE Over the Limit PPV.

1. Jakob Hammermeier d. Dasher Hatfield at 6:12. Jakob won with interference from Pinkie Sanchez followed by Good Night from Jakob – a reverse stunner off the top – for the win.

Claudio Castagnoli & Ares out to congratulate Jakob on his victory, extolling BDK dominance.  But wait, hot off their victory last night in Easton, Shane Matthews & Scott Parker 3.0 have something to say. Claudio & Ares attack 3.0 making a match of it!

2. Claudio Castagnoli & Ares d. Shane Matthews & Scott Parker at 8:01. Jagged kicks out of a european uppercut, Shane breaks up a reversed Chikara Special. Reverse inside cradle from Ares pins Shane Matthews. Crowd loves 3.0.

3. Grizzly Redwood d. Hieracon at 6:40. Hieracon is wearing an Amasis mask in tribute to his injured friend. Grizzly drills Hieracon with a brainbuster  for a big win

4. Dark Army, Kizarny, Obariyon & Kodama d. Spectral Envoy, UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked & Frightmare. Mantis bodyslams Kizarny three times, the Obariyon on top of him,then Kodama. Then Frightmare hits the kneecolepsy. Kodama pins Frightmare after a flying flipping neckbreaker. Mantis is pissed, Obariyon and Kodama take praying mantis bombs.

5. Archibald Peck d. Sugar Dunkerton at 13:01. Archie executes a headlock takeover with the basketball, thinking it’s Sugar. Sugar rolls him over and the ball pins Peck. They then play with an invisible basketball. Sugar wrecked Archie with a lariat. Baton shot from Veronica followed by a diving headbutt allows Archie to continue his winning ways. “A lot of fun.”

6. Eddie Kingston d. Chuck Taylor at 16:30. Both men are crowd favorites. Chuckie distracts Kingston by pointing to Blackjack Marciano in the crowd (he isn’t there). Chuckie hit a big dive to the outside. Chuckie T kicks out of all of Eddie’s signature moves, but finally taps to a guillotine choke. Pretty awesome match.

7. 12 Large Summit: Vin Gerard d. Brodie Lee at 7:15. This is both men’s first match in the tournament. The crowd LOVES Brodie. Brodie DESTROYS Vin with a dive, Vin bends over the permanently placed Ace Arena guardrails. Eye rake gets Brodie Lee in an inside cradle and Vin Gerard is victorious. Brodie is pissed. Really fun match.

Sunday September 18th, Chikara makes their Manhattan debut at the Highline Ballroom!

8. The Colony vs. Red & The Maximos at 11:46. A fan just pulled a can of bug spray on The Colony and did the BDK pose. Wil Maximo is pretty good. Also, he just got tossed the bug spray behind Bryce’s back,and he sprays it on the apron. Green Ant body slams one of the Maximos off the top! Fire Ant with the Ant Hill on Wil Maximo, Colony wins. Lots of arm drags and flips. Decent main, fun show.

And don’t forget those in or around Chicago, Michigan, and Ohio – CHIKARA returns to action on June 24, 25, and 26 for three HUUUUGE shows. Already announced in 12 Large Summit tournament matches: Sara Del Rey vs. Icarus in Chicago, Eddie Kingston vs. Ultramantis Black in Taylor, MI, and Eddie Kingston vs. Brodie Lee in Lakewood, OH. Visit for more information.

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