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5/21 ROH Supercard of Honor VI Live Results + Chikara Aniversario Easton, FIP iPPV (Full Results)

by on May 21, 2011

We’ll have live results after the break for two big  indy shows tonight. Check out Tom’s twitter @Tomisnotgreat and Chikara’s official twitter @chikarapro

Don’t forget we’ll have Tom’s live review of the show in a special podcast tomorrow on the website.

ROH Supercard of Honor VI in Chicago Ridge, IL

Preshow Notes: In addition to the new ownership, Dave Meltzer reports a former ROH wrestler is in attendance.

Jim Cornette comes out and expresses his happiness with the broadcast television deal. ROH’s first TV taping in Chicago is on August 13th. Locker room empties to thank Cary Silken for all he’s done.

1. Homicide d. Michael Elgin with the Gringo Cutter. Elgin’s power moves are real fun to see live.

2. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly d. The Bravados with their Lungblower finish. Best Bravado match Tom says he’s ever seen.

3. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett d. Steve Corino with a Lex Luger style piledriver. No Brutal Bob at ringside, he is banned from the building. Jimmy Jacobs is Corino’s sponsor. ROH officials kicked Jimmy out since he “doesn’t work here”.

4. El Generico d. Chris Hero Crowd is heavily into this match. Hero wins originally but Sinclair restarts it due to shenanigans. Generico hits a flurry of offense and wins. Not incredible, but perfect for its spot on the card.

Tom noted a usual sized Chicago crowd on hand tonight who are very lively and into everything so far.

5. Davey Richards d.Charlie Haas Davey and Haas tore it up during the opening chain wrestling sequence. Good match, came off like a Benoit/Angle cover band match at times.


6. Shelton Benjamin d. Claudio Castagnoli Claudio gets it with a jump-up superplex. Fine bout. Kings of Wrestling and WGTT have a pull apart brawl post match. 

7. Colt Cabana d. Christopher Daniels Truth Martini is banished from ringside. Cabana wins with his top rope fireman’s carry drop thing. Run-ins from Elgin and Corino. House of Truth lay out Corino after the match, Cabana bails.

8. Chicago Street Fight– Jay and Mark Briscoe d. The All Night Express Tom says the Briscoes’ new Deliverance-themed music rules. A minute in, a Briscoe gets thrown out of the ring and through a table. This match is awesome. The Briscoes win when one Briscoe passed out on an All Night Express member. Crazy, crazy match.

9. ROH World Title Match Eddie Edwards successfully defends against Roderick Strong Edwards wins with a half crab with stomping on the head. Greeeeat match. Reaally good show.


Chikara Aniversario in Easton, PA

Chikara’s 9 year anniversary weekend continues tonight in the Lehigh Valley.

1. Brodie Lee d. Heiracon at 5:39  (Tiger Bomb)

2. Archibald Peck d. Frightmare at 10:31 in a non-title contest (low blow & a face first suplex)

3. Obariyon & Kodama d. Sugar Dunkerton & Dasher Hatfield at 6:39 (Obariyon  leaping DDT on Dunkerton)

4. Ultramantis Black d. Chuck Taylor at 9:30 (Praying Mantis Bomb)

5. Eddie Kingston d. Sinn Bodhi at 6:43 (Guillotine Choke)

6. Ares, Pink Ant, Daziee Haze & Jakob Hammermeier d. Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Green Ant, & Madison Eagles at 24:12 (Ares with the Tiger Driver on Green Ant)

7.) 12 Large Summit Opener: Hallowicked d. Mike Quackenbush at 18:50 (Hallowicked reverses a pendulum submission into a pin)

8.) LOSING TEAM MUST SPLIT UP-  Shane Matthews & Scott Parker d. STIGMA & Vin Gerard  at 14:28 (STIGMA abandons Vin Gerard, Shane Matthews pins Gerard after a pile driver)


Full Impact Pro – In Full Force 2011 results from Tom Richards

1. Cheech d. Rich Swann
2. Blain Rage and Joey Attel went to a no contest when Devito and Ralph Mosco ran in and beat both of them up and challenged Demolition to a match tonight
3. Austin Aries d. AR Fox
4. Dark City Fight Club d. The S.A.T.
5. Scott Reed d. Johnny Vandell
6. Manu d. Sami Callihan
7. Low-Ki d. Bobby Fish
8. Demolition vs Devito & Mosco went to a no contest when Larry Dallas came out and said his men want revenge and out ran Manu, Reed, Blain Rage and Joey Attel. Demolition and Devito and Mosco clear the ring of them 4 then take turns beating up Larry Dallas and pin Dallas to end the evening and the ippv

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