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Evolve 8 Style Battle Results

by on May 20, 2011

This card will be available live and on demand at on iPPV.  If you like good pro wrestling and you haven’t really ventured out to the indies, really no better show to start out with as it’s showcasing all the different styles you don’t see elsewhere. Join Mike after the cut for the live results starting at 8PM ET!

Live on iPPV from the Ace Arena – one of my favorite venues in indy wrestling. Don’t forget Chikara will be running there live on Sunday for their Aniversario finale.

I’m also curious if, being a tournament, someone will do the “Macho Man” Randy Savage at Mania 4 and alternate trunks between rounds.

There seems to be a delay in something because it is 8:05 and the stream is still not working. Just as I type that, the Evolve logo appears.

1) Rich Swann (Rich Swann Style) vs. AR Fox (High-Flying)

There is video, but no audio. AR Fox does his fall away ace crusher as we hear the beautiful tones of Rob Naylor as the audio has resumed.

Fun opener! AR Fox wins in a 7 minute or so match similar to their first one. Did a ton of athletic stuff early on before AR Fox teased a dive to the outside before Swann blocked it. One awkward spot toward the end, but other than that, it was awesome. These guys have evolved literally in their careers over the past year to being more solid each outing that goes by.

Swann flips off Fox post match during an interview with Lenny Leonard and AR Fox. It was done at ringside, so it reminded me of old school WCW Saturday Night.

2) Tony Nese (Standing Combat) vs. Jon Davis (Power)

Hard hitting match as expected so far. Davis hit this monster power slam. Nese hit a frankensteiner while Davis was sitting on the top turnbuckle for a close two. Davis hits a killer lariat for two. Nese uses STANDING COMBAT for two. Davis gets the win though with POWER. He hits a gut buster with a Nese coming off the rope, picks him up and power bombs him into the ropes, and then grabs him and gives him a spinning sitting power bomb. Great match. Davis is getting real good as a singles and Nese continues to improve.

3) Brodie Lee (Super Heavyweight) vs. Sami Callihan (Hard-Hitting)

AWESOME match.Sami advances. Just an absolute must see battle. Crazy stuff with Sami hitting a suicide dive to the outside and Brodie fell and broke the barricade. Brodie hit two backdrops to the apron real fast and then tossed him over the rail. Sami kicked out of the truck stop twice and hit a Saito suplex but Brodie kicked out. He tried to go for the muffler but Brodie blocked with these big kicks. Brodie hit a crazy running Liger bomb. Sami hit a death valley driver. Great stuff.

4) Austin Aries (Hybrid) vs. Bobby Fish (Puroresu Jr. Heavyweight)

Good back and forth action early. Aries hit a Savage ax handle from the top to the outside. He also hit an elbow drop for a close two as well. Aries his the missile suicide dive right in front of the announce table going through the guardrail. Trade nearfalls and submissions until Aries can take no longer and taps. Fish gets the win. Excellent match and by far the longest of the four quarterfinals.

Fish interview afterward and talks about his new heel hook submission finisher named, yes indeed, the Fish Hook.

5) SEMIFINAL: AR Fox vs. Jon Davis

Another good match. Back and forth stuff with a slow pace. Fox his the kick back moonsault to the outside and plants his face right on the floor. Davis looked good hitting a monsterous Monty Brown pounce. Fox wins it and goes to the finals with a leaping codebreaker. They shake hands post match during the Fox interview.

6 )SEMIFINAL Sami Callihan vs. Bobby Fish

Wow. For what was a short match they beat the hell out of one another. Sami elbowed Fish until he stopped moving and the ref calls for the bell. Another great match and would love to see these guys wrestle again. But this was real good don’t get me wrong. They just went insane at each other. Brutal match.

Intermission time. They’re airing Davey vs. TJ Perkins from the 2009 Jeff Peterson Cup.

7) The New Havana Pitbulls Ricky Reyes & ALEX COLON~! vs. The SAT: Joel & Will Maximo

SAT get the win with the Spanish Fly. Fun match. Colon looked awesome. I wouldn’t mind either team coming back. Solid post-intermission match.

8 ) FRAY!

Winner gets booked on a DGUSA show. I’ll update per entrant and elimination.

First two in are Scott Reed and Cheech.
#3 is BRIAN XL
#4 is Blain Rage (? Think that’s his name. He’s a short muscle guy.)
#5 is Kory Chavis and eliminated Brian XL. He then eliminates Rage.
#6 is Pinkie Sanchez~! Pinkie hits this IN SANE dive on Chavis to the outside
Reed eliminates Cheech “I have a last name now” Hernandez.
#7 is Derick Ryze from North Carolina
Chavis eliminates Reed
#8 is Atu – a guy I’ve seen on a Maryland Championship Wrestling show I’ve watch last year. He is Karry Dallas’ discovery. Tall, muscle guy

Atu eliminates Chavis. Crowd chants You Can’t Wrestle at Atu. Atu bullies around Pinkie for a while and then capitalizes on a mistake made by Atu and gets a flying DDT for the win. AWESOME ENDING!

Pinkie Sanchez goes to Dragon Gate USA in June. Awesome moment. Really happy for the guy because he’s a huge fan of Dragon Gate Japan and I remember talking to him out back after the first DGUSA show in July of 09 when he was there working crew. Glad he’s getting this chance because he deserves it. His work this year and in 2010 in Chikara has been great.

Main Event time!

9) Style Battle Finals: AR Fox vs. Sami Callihan

Awesome match. AR Fox wins with the Lo Mein Pain. Lots of great stuff, too much to mention. Fox just defied gravity on a few spots with a 450 to the outside and a whole ton of other incredibly athletic stuff. A great final for their first try at this tournament. The high flyer reigns supreme.

Show ends around 10:30

A thumbs up show for sure. Get the replay because it’s easily worth the money Another strong Evolve show. .

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