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Ben Pasco’s Random Wrestler On An 80’s/90’s TV Show or Movie of the Week: Terry Funk on Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction

by on May 20, 2011

Heyy there ladies and gentleman, Ben Pasco here with what should be a reoccurring segment on the lovely Mike and Tom website and that is the “Random Wrestler on a 80s or 90s Television Show or Movie of the Week”…Yes that’s right folks the RWOA809TSOMOTW.

This week I’m going to start a bit smaller and I haven’t quite decided how much of these will review be and how much will simply be just posting the footage, but any feedback to Mike, Tom, or myself (@benpasco on Twitter) would be outstanding in lieu of the obvious answer of Vader’s Emmy worthy performance on Boy Meets World, allow me to post a shorter clip that’s stay hilarious forever…FOREVER…FOREVER…FOREVER!

That’s right folks, the first clip this week is Terry Funk and his appearance on Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. Essentially, this show existed to have James Brolin or Jonathan Frakes be creepy and scare me when I was a kid into thinking I could disappear in my closet (actual episode). That being said, the premise of the show was to show several segments and at the end after numerous awful puns and terrifying of Ben Pascos, the show revealed, “is it fact or fiction?”. Terry Funk’s episode deals with a wrestler who wrestlers with mortality…

…Yup, I just scared myself. See the episode below and my thoughts underneath


  • FACT: I cannot stress enough how much Jonathan Frakes creeps me out
  • Terry Funk in anything shiny just feels wrong
  • A promoter is screwing over a wrestler: This is such a Fact
  • That bald guy? I IMDB’d him because he looked familiar. Yes, he was Bo Abobo in the Double Dragon movie…which is criminally underrated because any movie with Mark Decascos is an underrated film. Look up Only the Strong on Netflix instant, you won’t be sorry
  • Oh snap! He’s also in the movie Firepower ( with Ultimate Warrior; movie review of this coming in future.
  • Oh yeah, back to the Terry Funk thing…
  • Terry Funk playing the role of Bret Hart in Canada
  • Yup…that would be Gibby’s granddad as the Manager
  • Yup…I would know that, wouldn’t I?
  • I like Techno Team 2000 Terry Funk gear
  • Amasis: The Pharaoh of Fear nickname is just right there to be taken
  • The Lizard wouldn’t wrestler Terry Funk ’cause Funk would shoot on him cause he’s a shooter.
  • Ok…Hold up: that’s not an airplane spin, that’s a Bodyslam! At what point did that resemble an airplane? When it hit the ground? Actually, how does an airplane spin resemble an airplane? It’s more like a helicopter twirling around up there.
  • I hope this is just The Montreal Screw job
  • I love how he’s shooting on him with moves impossible to shoot on….I’ll never forget the bar brawl I won with a wristlock, or was it a wristwatch? I don’t know I could never tell the difference
  • This is …directly from Rocky isn’t it?
  • Darren Aronofsky may want to atone for some of the similarities in this episode to Mickey Rourke
  • The shoot DDT…
  • Yay Terry Funk…yay!
  • Ohh snap…Terry Funk is a murderer.
  • JASON VOORHEES…..DADA..DAAA…oh wait, just Friday the 13th
  • Oh no…Jonathan Frakes…stop being scary…stop!

If I remember right, this ended up being false, but who knows…It’s about a dead wrestler, it’s 50/50 right there. Thanks for joining me this week and I’ll catch you all next week with another Random Wrestler on another Random TV Show.



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