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’94 WCW BLOGJECT: 5/21/94

by on May 20, 2011

(Note: starting today, due to real life issues, we’ll only be doing one WCW & WWF Blogject entry per week. The plan is to do the WWF Blogject on Monday and the WCW Blogject on Fridays.)

The show begins with this:

The disc claims the show is two hours long, so I can only assume that they filmed a two and a half hour show and knew it’d be cut down or something.
We go into the show as they replay Brian Pillman pinning Ronnie Vegas. I’d recognize that hairy chest anywhere.

-Only in pro wrestling can someone be forced to wrestle the week after having a 40+-minute World Title match.
-Shadow lost his first name (“the”) this week. Want proof?

-Some creepy-looking bald dude exchanges napkins with Steamboat after he spits fire.

-Shadow almost falls through the ropes ducking under a leapfrog, but impressively follows up by taking a AWESOME sliding bump for a chop.
-Steamboat wins quickly with the top rope bodypress.

-The graphic for the main event makes it look like Robert Fuller is main eventing against Ric Flair since they just have Parker’s photo instead of a silhouette of a wrestler’s since Parker’s managing the mystery man wrestling Flair
After a commercial break, Sensuous Sherri is interviewed by “Mean” Gene. She says she’s narrowing down her list of candidates to manage down to a few, then licks Gene’s ear. Yep.

-Who honestly thought these outfits were a good idea?

-Nash (who, as we saw last week, is a WHITE, white dude) tried waving his hands in the air like he just didn’t care to egg on the “Whoomp, There It Is” chants towards Harlem Heat.
-Say what you will about Walker, but he had a really neat bodypress.
-Stevie Ray showed off INCREDIBLE strength by picking up Nash for a regular bodyslam, then lifted him by his fingers into a gorilla press with no assistance.
-Booker T. gets the win for his team quickly.

Like last month for Spring Stampede, it looks like we’re going to repeatedly go to Gene Okerlund’s  Control Center to see clips from the previous weeks, setting up the matches leading to Slamboree. In this segment, we see a digest version of the Lord Steven Regal/Larry Zbyszko build-up.

-When did “Diamond ” go from a nickname to his assumed first name?
-Dave Hart’s face describes what he thinks of such DDP lines as “This guy fighting me’ll be like shootin’ spitballs at a battleship!”

-Dallas Page, at this point, did a LOT of kicking and punching.
-Page wins with, as WWF No Mercy called it, “the front-face pancake”, which was a Styles Clash without hooking the legs over the arms.

We go back to the Control Center, as Gene introduces clips of the Nasty Boys/Cactus Jack, Maxx Payne & The Sullivan Brothers feud leading to Kevin & Jack/Nasty Boys at Slamboree.

After a commercial, we get Dusty Rhodes standing by with Gene Okerlund. Dusty’s obviously a big fan of Jocks & Jills Athletics…

Dusty ends up cutting the go-home promo for his son Dustin’s match with Bunkhouse Buck at Slamboree. Dusty cuts an AWESOME promo about how each night when he goes home, his hands are stained crimson from the blood from his son’s head and how if anything funny happens at Slamboree, Dusty will “dance a mudhole in someone”. Dusty closes by saying that he might have an old man’s body, but he has thunder in his gut. That’s an incredible line.

-Regal doesn’t really screw around, getting Kendall down quickly into his awesome side headlock with the short palm thrusts.
-Regal’s giving Kendall a LOT of near-falls, considering Kendall’s position in the company.
-Regal scores a single-leg takedown while coming off of the ropes, then hooks Kendall into the Regal Stretch (which Heenan called “he’s hooked him in nine different holds!”) for the win.

After a flashback through clips of the Rhodes/Buck feud leading to Slamboree, we go to a Ric Flair promo. Flair briefly mentions his Slamboree match against the mystery Studd Stable member before talking about how Hulk Hogan was supposedly in Chicago at Spring Stampede but never showed his face. Flair challenged Hogan to show his face at Slamboree or face consequences.

-Bobby Heenan “took a coffee break” during this match, according to Tony Schiavone.
-Gambler threw his cards at Anderson before the match, but sadly the camera didn’t catch this.
-This is like watching Arn Anderson wrestle his slightly less talented, gambling addicted twin.
-Tony Schiavone hypes that there will be comments from Hulk Hogan next week on the show, as I’m assuming the hype to Hulk Hogan versus Ric Flair at Bash at the Beach begins then.
-Anderson wins with the DDT. Fun little television squash.

We get pre-taped promos from Steve Austin & Johnny B. Badd (which I think were originally aired last week) before the next match…

-Phillips has to be Caprice Coleman’s older brother.

-Schiavone calls Heenan “Bob Heenan” before the match, which sounded WEIRD.
-Ryzing busts out a random Tiger Bomb at the beginning of the match. That would be a really neat nearfall during the Taker/HHH rematch at Wrestlemania next year; HHH performs the Pedigree, only gets two, then hooks for it again and Tiger Drives his butt. It’s Mania; Taker is nuts enough to take the move.
-Lots of “Phillips Head Screwdriver” jokes from Heenan…
-Ryzing wins with the inverted Indian Deathlock. Best part of the hold: it gives you free range to trash-talk into the camera.

We get clips from the Vader/Rude feud building to the match from Slamboree (that never happened…)

We then go to clips from WCW Pro, as Pretty Wonderful wrestled Brian and Brad Armstrong. Brad’s coaching from ringside was kind of incredible, as he kept throwing up these quick baseball coach-style hand signals. The big controversy coming from this match was that the illegal man (Paul Orndorff) pinned Brad Armstrong, so they ran a rematch.

-There are people less offended about rape and murder than Schiavone was offended by the wrong man pinning Brad Armstrong on WCW Pro.
-Based on his fire and punches alone, if Brian Armstrong stayed plain ol’ Brian Armstrong, he would’ve been the most solid (yet unspectacular) wrestler in the history of solid (yet unspectacular) wrestlers.
-Roma kind of buried Brian Armstrong on the finish, as he pinned him with his knee on his chest rather effortlessly after a top rope splash. Fun little match, but short.

We get not one, but TWO Gene Okerlund rehash segments in a row, as first he replayed the Parker/Flair angle from last week where Flair laid him out with a punch, then Gene hyped the legends coming to Slamboree.

-My disc didn’t really want to work properly at this point, so I had to take it out of the laptop disc drive and clean it. I threw it back in and it still wouldn’t let me watch after the legends’ deal. I got it to skip to the middle of this match and work, so I’m not messing with it.
-Steve Austin has a really underrated clothesline that he rarely got to use.
-Bunkhouse Buck PLASTERED Badd with some gross forearms to the chest. It’s a safe spot to hit someone at, but the “THUD!” is still disturbing.
-Big pop from the crowd for Badd stopping Austin’s offensive onslaught with Austin’s own Stun Gun.
-Rhodes gets the hot tag and goes NUTS! Col. Parker jumps on the apron to run interference, but Dustin bumps him with the Bionic Elbow. Dustin hits the bulldog on Buck, but Parker runs in to break it up for the disqualification.
-Ric  Flair runs down to help the good guys, but a large masked fellow that they assume is the mystery member of the Studd Stable lays out Flair, then almost hits Dustin Rhodes with a chair before a slew of officials stop him. They can’t stop Bunkhouse Buck from HANGING Dustin Rhodes, though.

Col. Parker ends the show with a promo alongside his Studd Stable crew. LOTS of screaming and yelling as Gene Okerlund excitedly closes the show and shills a wrestling show. That’s how you hard-sell an event.

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