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Episode 38: AHHHH! Real Donster!

by on May 18, 2011

Episode 38 – DOWNLOAD

We’re back this week with a super-sized episode of Mike & Tom Present…! First off, Mike’s buddy Rob joins us for the first time to discuss going to Rahway, New Jersey for the first leg of New Japan’s US tour this past weekend! Plus, Rob talks about some of the stuff he’s seen recently, the stuff he’s watched recently, the greatness of the ACE Arena and more! Visit him on Twitter @RobAttitudeV2.

Then, Tim Donst makes his second appearance on the show as he heads into the Todd Pettengill Invitational for Absolute Intense Wrestling this coming weekend! Subjects brought up include Madman Pondo, Zack Sabre, Jr: Babe Magnet, Tim’s 2011 tournament season, WMAC Masters, SUPER JESUS WRESTLING, cinematic classic The Backyard, Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World, a recent Puma commercial shoot Tim was involved in, some girl named Becca that some high school girls don’t like and more!

Finally, Tim stayed on the line as we welcomed fellow BDK member and a member of our 10 for ’11 indie wrestling breakout class, Jakob Hammermeier. We talk about Jakob’s blossoming in-ring career thus far in Chikara, the unfortunate loss of the BDK team during King of Trios, his influences as a young ring announcer, Alex Wright, and more talk of Dos Equis!

Approximate time: 81 minutes.

One note: Sunday’s ROH road report episode will be our “Season Finale”. We’re going to take a break from producing original shows for a couple of weeks to regain our bearings and deal with insane work schedules, but we’ll be back with a really cool series of shows this summer that we’ll let you in on when the time comes. But, between now and then, we encourage you to check out our archives to check out our first interview with Tim Donst, Leonard Chikarason’s various appearances, some great times with Rob Naylor, the BJ Whitmer interview and MUCH more!


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