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BRIAN PILLMAN WEEK – 5/17 Match of the Day: Pillman vs Eddie Gilbert vs Bill Irwin vs Cuban Assassin

by on May 17, 2011

We continue Brian Pillman Week on Match of the Day with a bout from November 1989 (no specific date given) in the NWA, as Pillman wrestles “Wild” Bill Irwin, Eddie Gilbert and the Cuban Assassin in a four-corners match under elimination and tag rules. You read that right: a four-corners match in the National Wrestling Alliance in 1989.

It’s not exactly that much different than four-way matches in modern day, where it’s worked as a tag match with two heels and two faces, but it’s just REALLY weird to watch because both of who’s in it and the time period. Gilbert does work heelishly towards the end of the match, refusing to tag into the match when Pillman attempts to tag out (since Pillman being eliminated would be one less guy he’d have to beat to win the $5,000 purse money) and jumping Pillman immediately after he scores a pinfall late in the match. It’s not a blowaway match, but the spectacle of a multi-man match years before they became the rage is something to see.

To check out the match in its entirety, please click under the cut!


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