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’94 WCW BLOGJECT: 5/14/94

by on May 17, 2011

The show opens with just a shot of “Mean” Gene Okerlund. I love how there are wrestling shows/DVD’s that won’t title-key unknown rookies, yet even WCW gave you a graphic for Gene Okerlund.
Nick Bockwinkel walks over and cuts one of his lovely Nick Bockwinkel promos with lots of big words about how important tonight’s title bout is.

-There are literally people clapping in the crowd to Rick Rude’s entrance song.
-Rick Rude in 1994 was the best Bob Holly ever: a mean, surly, jacked-up veteran who isn’t afraid to hit you.
-I’m literally stunned into silence. Starr tried mounting a comeback and slapped Rude in the face. Rude responded by slapping Starr so hard in the face that he knocked him out, then pulled him back up and held him up to punch him in the face twice more. I’ve watched hundreds of deathmatches and I don’t think I’ve seen anything more violent than Rick Rude’s right hand.
-Starr was at least with it enough to protect himself on a piledriver. Rude finishes the match with the Rude Awakening shortly thereafter.
-It’s insanely intriguing to see a match like this and think about how Rick Rude would’ve lasted as a quasi-babyface in WCW after Hulk Hogan showed up, if he hadn’t been hurt.

Rick Rude walks over to Gene Okerlund to cut a promo on Vader. I honestly think this was taped before the International Title change in Japan with Sting, since I believe that was the match where Rude’s back went kaboom.

The announcers do their three-shot stand-up segment and announce that Dave Sullivan was injured in the locker room before the show by someone.

-Quinn obviously isn’t Kevin’s brother.

-Speaking of brothers, this dude was in the crowd, pounding away to the beat of the Nasty Boys’ entrance song:

-Schiavone brings up Brad Anderson being Gene’s son for the first time on WCW TV.

-Quinn Nash entered the ring with his head ducked down and got a VICIOUS knee to the face for his trouble.
-Saggs pins Nash with the top rope elbow drop.
-The following is non-fiction. This is not a joke. This face currently is 30 feet tall on a billboard welcoming you to Louisville, Kentucky:

The Nasty Boys literally jog  over to the interview area to talk to Gene Okerlund. They talk about “accidents” happening backstage, with Maxx Payne and Dave Sullivan “slipping” and falling onto concrete. Knobbs called out Greg Gagne, Jim Brunzell and Chief Jay Strongbow to replace the Sullivans at Slamboree before freaking out over former NHL player Dave Schultz would referee the match.

Some of the legends were announced for Slamboree in a video package. It was weird seeing AWA footage from the Riverboat on a WCW TV show.

-Nothing new was announced for Slamboree, but they aired a pre-taped Steve Austin promo where he kind of shocked me by flat-out saying he wasn’t World Champion because he was being held back due to political reasons.
-We also got a Johnny B. Badd promo where he wore this little get-up:


-I’ve never gotten why a wrestler would call himself “The Shadow”. Was he just planning on walking behind his opponents and occasionally frightening them?
-For WEEKS, Bobby Heenan’s used the “You know who the Patriot is? He’s the guy in the mask!” joke and for weeks, Tony Schiavone has fallen for it. This week, Heenan goes, “I know who the Shadow is…”. Schiavone won’t fall for it. Heenan goes in-depth, talking about the placement of his left hand and such; just enough to get Schiavone’s attention. Heenan goes, “You know who he is? (pause) HE’S THE GUY IN THE MASK!”.
-Rhodes wins with a bulldog. The “guy in the mask” gag was one hundred times more exciting.

Dustin Rhodes goes over to cut a promo with Bunkhouse Buck. Erik Watts was apparently fired by this point, since now WCW folklore is that Bunkhouse Buck bought a trophy and smashed it over Rhodes’ back. Rhodes cut one HELL of a promo about hunting possum and how it’s comparable to wrestling a coward like Bunkhouse Buck.

-You want to know how patriotic The Patriot is? He has a sweet leather jacket with the American flag on the back.

-Zane’s chest keeps bouncing in a very feminine way. It’s confusing me in ways only counceling would help.

-The Patriot is the laziest hiptosser ever. He holds his arm out and lets the opponent do the work; doesn’t even bother to move his arm to give the illusion of a toss.
-The Patriot busted out the camel clutch. Maybe it’s the Iron Sheik following my advice for The Terrorist to disguise himself better…

-Bobby Heenan is trying to theorize what the stars on the sides of Patriot and Zane’s tights mean.

-Patriot wins with the Uncle Slam, which looked like it confused Zane (they walked around in a circle, twirling around and trying to figure out how to apply a full nelson before Patriot locked in in).

Gene Okerlund is at the interview set to talk to Larry Zbyszko. Zbyszko talked about General Cornwallis wrestling George Washington. Zbyszko claimed Washington submitted Cornwallis to the abdominal stretch, which somehow led to America becoming a superpower and gave Ted Turner the ability to use technology to become a millionaire. This leads to Zbyszko talking about how he’s coming out of retirement to face “Lord Stinkin’ Regal” at Slamboree. This was like a really calm, collected Ultimate Warrior promo.

After a commercial break, Sensuous Sherri comes over to pinch Gene Okerlund’s butt. They make all sorts of innuendo jokes under the guise of Sherri’s hunt for a wrestler. I feel so dirty.

-It’s a handicap match since Dave Sullivan was injured by the Nasty Boys.
-Sullivan pretty much destroys both guys, including giving Tex an Irish whip into a SICK lariat from Shanghai.
-The Nasty Boys come out to lay out Sullivan mid-match, but Cactus Jack runs out before they can give Sullivan their finisher. They didn’t even bother announcing any sort of result. Referee Nick Patrick just kind of left.

Sullivan and Jack go over to the interview area and argue about why Jack let Dave Sullivan go out alone in the WCW world. They agree to team up at Slamboree to take out the Nasty Boys as Kevin Sullivan uses the phrase “hardcore” to describe weapon-based wrestling for the first time on either WWF or WCW television. Sullivan’s final line: “You know what the Nasty Boys, Cactus Jack and John Kruk will have in common after Slamboree? They’ll all be missing a part of their anatomy!”

WCW World Title: RICKY “The Dragon” Steamboat vs “Nature Boy” RIC FLAIR
-Unsurprisingly, Ric Flair was FAR more over during the entrances.
-More guys should do the Greco-Roman knucklelock deal where you pull out your hand if you don’t get a good-enough clutch. Some guys kind of slap hands and play pattycake, if they even bother with that little touch.
-You know what? Anything I type here couldn’t do this match justice. I legitimately think this is my favorite of the Flair/Steamboat feud. It just seemed like so much more of an exhaustive WAR than any of the others and the finish (where Flair lifted his head during a Steamboat leapfrog and may or may not have intentionally low-blowed Steamboat, which added intrigue to Flair’s upcoming heel turn) was probably the most clever finish of any of the matches. It’s all over Youtube and Dailymotion; search this match out and watch it for yourself. Clear about 45 minutes to watch it, but I promise you won’t regret it.

We go to Col. Robert Parker at the interview area, who’s asked by Gene Okerlund who his mystery man is that’s coming to Slamboree to face Ric Flair. Parker says his man is 300 pounds and has personal animosity towards. Flair comes over and they open the briefcase. It’s a lot of money that wasn’t exactly put into the briefcase to display…

Flair closes out the show by knocking out Col. Robert Parker.

Overall, no show with a match like Flair/Steamboat could be considered anything less than “great”. It literally took up almost half of the episode and it was about as good of wrestling as it gets. On top of that, I beg of you all to look up the Rick Rude/Mark Starr match from this show. I’ve seen dudes nail other guys in the face before, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite as horrific as how hard Rude slapped poor Mark Starr.

  1. Found my way over here from the F4W boards and have been enjoying all the stuff you and Mike have been posting, along with the podcasts.

    Especially love these WCW and WWF 1994 recaps — some extremely entertaining write-ups (and makes me want to hit up ioffer to buy this run of shows).

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