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Mike & Tom Present: OUR LOST EPISODE

by on May 16, 2011

\”Our Lost Episode\” – DOWNLOAD

So, we thought this episode might never see the light of day. At 2:03 PM on the afternoon of my (Tom) wedding, instead of being future husbandly and making sure things were good to go, I recorded an episode of the podcast with two of my groomsmen, Nick Maniwa and Isaac Daugherty. A lot of people know who Nick is; he’s been around for most of his life. Isaac, on the other hand, is a friend of mine that people need to know. He’s a fantastic ball of energy and positivity who you fall in love with instantly. On this episode, we discussed stories from the backyard fed Isaac and I “wrestled” in when I was a teenager, Mexican fiesta parties next door to our friend’s house, Wrestlemaniwa (which you can read about, happening on Saturday, September 3rd at an undisclosed location in Southern Indiana, at this link), Isaac’s love for both Dragon Gate and the famous Kroffat & Furnas/Kobashi & Kikuchi tag match and more!

(Note: if no one besides the three of us in the car and our friends like this episode, we understand. There’ll be another new episode of the show up later this week.)

Approximate time: 56 minutes.

Also, don’t forget to check out Episode 36 of the podcast from last week, where our close friend Travis McNeill recapped Ring of Honor’s big Toronto event from last weekend, as well as talked some general indie wrestling with us, at THIS LINK.

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