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BELLATOR 44 5/14 Atlantic City results – LW Tourney Final

by on May 15, 2011

So I’m not going to New Japan today. Figured between going to CZW last night, wanting to just have a lazy Sunday, not being a huge puro fan, and preferring to watch these shows on DVD while sitting on my couch instead of in a hot Asylum Arena, I’d sleep in and bum around and clean out the DVR on what is a rainy day in Philadelphia.

Since we feature the indy feds of pro wrestling, in a way Bellator is an indy in a way the gigantic Zuffa driven MMA world. I usually DVR these on MTV2 and watch them Sundays. Now that I have an iPad2 (which everyone should own because it is awesome) I can kinda do some results here for this website. The thing is, don’t expect long, detailed results like Tom does. To me, when I watch wrestling/MMA, it’s one or the other. Some people easily have a talent that they can, but I cannot watch anything and text/type at the same time.

Anyway, results below after the cut. I may even torture myself later and watch the TNA PPV between periods of the Sharks/Canucks game.

Alright, we’re all set to go. Hype video showing tonight’s fights.

LIVE at Caesar’s in Atlantic City.

Middleweight Qualifier: Brett Cooper vs.Alex Shlemenko
– Cooper kinda looks like Screech
– Shlemenko will be referred to as AS
– Winner of this gets into next season’s Middleweight Tournament
– AS is the winner of a previous Bellator MW tournament in season two, where he was defeated by Hector Lombard, who is also fighting later tonight.

Cooper is 23 years old 13-6 record – last 10 wins by KO or sub
AS is 26 with a 31-5 record – 20 wins by KO

AS unloaded early landed a few shots to Cooper’s eye. AS lands a spinning back kick, then a spinning back fist, then Cooper then punches him right in the face busting him open, and they brawl for a minute before the pace slows down. Very good first round!

Round two had much of the same with AS landing these well timed spinning back fists and kicks. He didn’t even do a lot of them, he just did them at good times and hit them perfect. Cooper took him down and landed some shots, but no where did he seem like he was going to finish the guy. To be fair, AS may not seem to either, but he’s doing much more work. 20-18 AS.

Round three started and continued to be AS controlling the fight. He looked like hell though because every now and then Cooper would get his shots in, but AS would take him to the cage. He landed some monster knees to the stomach that took Cooper down. Last two minutes then ruled. Cooper, knowing he needed a KO cooper landed some hard uppercuts. It was great and they fought to the bell to end the round and fight.

30-27, 30- 28, 29-28 – Alexander Shlemenko gets a spot in the Bellator starting September 2011.

MTV2 airs Martin

Giedrius Karavackas vs. Sam Oropeza (170)

Oh fuck, looks like a lot of people are getting initials.

Karavackas is 4-1, 35 years old, New Jersey native
Oropeza is a training partner of Eddie Alvarez, 25 years old, record of 5-1, Philadelphia native

Mr. Dan Miragliotta is your referee and the most famous one out of all of them.

Eddie Alvarez w/ hot wife in the crowd.

Round one I spent half the time marveling in Sam’s over the top American flag trunks and thinking about what an absolute dangerous neighborhood Eddie Alvarez used to live in. Toward the last minute or so Sammy O was on top and then landed some real hard bombs right to the face where it looked like it would of been stopped. Last ten seconds, Sam hits some more shots and goes in, but Karavackas is saved by the bell, which would of been a lot better of a line to use if this had happened in the fight with the guy who looked like Screech.

Round two I made myself a delicious lunch. Jimmy Smith says it’s 20-18 Sammy O.

Round three Karavackas gets Sam with a hard punch then grounds him into this crazy arm crank while landing bombs on him. They aren’t huge shots, but they’re straight undefended shots. This goes on for about a minute and a half. Sam tries to change his position and Karavackas taps him out!

Good comeback fight! Karavackas gets the sub 3 minutes and 59 seconds in.

Patricky Pitbull shown in the back. Stats and career highlights shown. They do the same with Michael Chandler.

Hector Lombard has 22 straight wins. Longest unbeaten streak currently in MMA.

Rundown of next Saturday with the Light Heavyweight Final and Featherweight Final with Patricio Pitbull.

Superfight: Bellator Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard vs. Faleniko Vitale – 3 round non title fight

Lombard is 33 with a 28-2-1, 1 NC record
Vitale is 36 years old, 29-9 and has beaten Yushin Okami, 22 first round wins by KO or sub

Round one and two were both pretty much the same with Lombard just one upping Vitale on things and not much else. Not really getting into this one.There was an Impact Wrestling promo in the middle of round two. Gordon Solie shootout.

Round three was a lot better. 50 seconds in Vitale gets a punch in and then Lombard knocked him the fuck out. Nutty KO. One punch KO and then Vitale just kinda stood there, stumbled and slowly fell down as Lombard was just kinda celebrating as he was sumbling back.

Main Event Time!

Bellator Season Four Lightweight Tournament Final – Michael Chandler vs. Patricky Pitbull

Eddie Alavrez on commentary. Winner fights him later this year.

Tyson Kidd’s first WWE theme song is used as background music for these fighter profiles.

Chandler is 25 years old and is undefeated at 7-0. He is 4-0 in Bellator.
Patricky is also 25, record of 9-1. He KO’d Rob McCullough and Toby Imada in the first two rounds.

Round one Chandler, a wrestler, stands with Patricky throughout. Thought he landed more strikes than Pitbull, who looked ineffective in times. 10-9 Chandler.

Pitbull comes out firing in round two as Chandler just bullies forward. Lots of energy early on until Pitbull gets kneed in the balls. Alvarez is great talking shit on commentary. Chandler again just seems to be doing a bit better than Pitbull to get the round

Third Round. Chandler loses a point for a third knee to the groin. But it may be ok because he continues to get Piutbull to the ground. 29-27 Chandler

29-27 from all three and winner of the Lightweight Tournament, Michael Chandler, now 8-0.

Chandler vs. Alvarez for the Lightweight Title later this year on MTV2.

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