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’94 WCW BLOGJECT: 5/3/94

by on May 13, 2011



-Badd shot out actual dollar bills out of his Badd Blaster, to which Heenan suggested they broadcast the show from the bleachers during Badd matches from now on.
-They’re setting up a Badd/Austin US Title feud on commentary.
-No one takes a buckle better than Ron Vegas. Between this and his AWF run, the guy really was the king of the spot.
-Badd wins quickly with the Kiss That Don’t Miss punch.
-You’d think Badd would shy away from stuff like this after some of the stuff wrestling had been through in the 90’s so far…

We go to Gene Okerlund at the interview set to interview Johnny B. Badd. They slowly trickled the homosexual overtones out of the Johnny B. Badd gimmick, but when did they decide to turn him into Muhammed Ali with a mullet and creepy mustache.

We go to commercial with a clip of the Nick Bockwinkel/Dory Funk, Jr. match from the 1993 Slamboree pay-per-view card, where they went to a draw and got a standing ovation after the match.

We go back to the commentary area for the traditional three-man standup. Go back and check previous BLOGJECT entries where I’ve included screenshots of the commentators; Bobby Heenan literally hasn’t changed his jacket since he debuted in WCW.

BUNKHOUSE BUCK (w/Col. Robert Parker) vs AL PHILLIPS

-This is legitimately the hardest anyone had worked on a sign up to this point.

-With Phillips being an African-American enhancement guy in the 90’s, his name has to be some sort of really mean rib on the former WWF ring announcer.

-They cut in for a Dustin Rhodes picture-in-picture promo and Schiavone literally interrupts the final sentence of the promo just because.
-Phillips ate a big boot to the face like it was cake.
-Buck beat Phillips with a loaded glove punch, then hogtied him.

Col. Robert Parker cuts a promo with Gene Okerlund and once again praises whatever is in his suitcase, which he promises to show after the Steamboat/Flair match next week. Bunkhouse Buck comes in wearing his big jacket. It’s May; why the heck would you be wearing a jacket that big?

-Considering he had JUST appeared in an angle on WWF TV, it’s weird that Wahoo McDaniel was billed to appear at Slamboree.
-We get promos from Harley Race and Rick Rude, regarding the Rude/Vader International Title match at the pay-per-view. Race refers to the match as “The survival of the fittest versus…that other thing”.
-Okerlund announced “a member of the Stud Stable” versus the winner of Flair/Steamboat next week for the World Title and Steve Austin against Johnny B. Badd for the United States Title.

Gene Okerlund is now in the arena to shill whatever’s going on with Hulk Hogan and WCW on his Hotline that evening before bringing in Sensuous Sherri for an interview. With all the ridiculous flirting these two did, I really hope they eventually got all of the sexual frustration out somewhere. Anyway, Sherri once again hyped that she’s looking for a protege to lead to the World Title.

-You have no idea how excited I am to see this match. Brad Armstrong’s one of my all-time favorites and Arn Anderson isn’t that much lower on my list.
-This match is a level above anything that’s been on this show in weeks. These two move so fluidly with each other.
-With these two guys just exchanging holds back and forth, both wearing black tights and white boots, I bet Vince McMahon accidentally flipped by TBS during this match and laughed at his competition, thinking this stuff couldn’t draw an audience.
-Anderson ends up working somewhat-subtle heel, as he doesn’t cheat, but he’s far more aggressive with his striking and using an inverted atomic drop to get the advantage (which Armstrong sold as being low).
-Armstrong went for the Russian Legsweep too close to the ropes, as Anderson held onto the middle rope, let Armstrong fall backwards, then hit the DDT out of nowhere for the win. REALLY good little TV match; it was just interesting to watch two masters of the craft do what they did with four minutes.

Gene Okerlund’s standing by with Ric Flair and his shirt.

Flair cuts an inspired promo for the Steamboat match before Arn Anderson comes over and talks about putting together the Four Horsemen once again, to which Flair says they’ll discuss it after the Steamboat match next week.

They replay the Regal/Zbyszko angle from last week, as Lord Regal cuts a promo, demanding a match to get his revenge.

Non-Title: DUSTIN RHODES vs United States Champion “Stunning” STEVE AUSTIN (w/Col. Robert Parker)

-Judging by how high and hard Steve Austin was jumping as he ran the ropes, he must have REALLY trusted the cables to not snap.

-Heenan: “This match is like meeting a girl that drinks beer – it’s GREAT!”
-Dustin Rhodes has never really been thought of as having a great dropkick, but for being so darned big, he could jump pretty high.
-I’m at a lack of things to type because these two are having their typical good match against each other. There’s nothing out of the ordinary nor is there anything funny to comment on; they’re just having a really fun-to-watch wrestling match.
-I’m sure it’s obvious, but Dustin Rhodes was really awesome at fighting from underneath.
-Rhodes had Austin down for the pin, but Bunkhouse Buck runs out and blasts Rhodes in the back of the head with his bullrope, then rolling Austin on top for Austin to get the pin. Really great match with a super-hot crowd.
-Johnny B. Badd makes the save to a RED HOT reaction, saving Rhodes from a hog-tying.

We end the show with a heated promo from Rhodes and Badd. Doug Dillenger’s just hanging out in the background for no reason.

Rhodes tries to cut a promo, but he’s apparently suffering from too severe of head trauma following the shot from Buck to finish his interview…or not, as he jumps back in befor Gene can sign off. Rhodes cuts an AWESOME short promo to hype the bullrope match with Buck at Slamboree.

This week was all about the strong in-ring product, as over half of the episode consisted of two really good matches (Armstrong/Anderson and Rhodes/Austin). I absolutely cannot complain about a show with two matches as good as those. Not one bit.

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