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5/12 Match of the Day: 1-2-3 Kid & Aldo Montoya vs Heavenly Bodies

by on May 12, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the December 18, 1994 edition of WWF Action Zone, as we continue this impromptu 1-2-3 Kid Week with the Kid teaming with Aldo Montoya to face “The Doctor of Desire” Tom Pritchard and “Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray, the Heavenly Bodies.

The cool thing about mid-1990’s WWF is that Vince McMahon and his crew of men couldn’t really pick and choose their usual big men types for a variety of reasons, so a LOT of junior heavyweight-sized guys who were doing cool moves and moving much quicker than ninety percent of the WWF roster moved in the ten years prior. This match is a perfect example, as Kid and Montoya couldn’t have weighed more than 380 pounds combined legitimately and while the Bodies were thicker guys, they were still very small and would both bust out nutso moves and bump like madmen when need be. In particular, Del Ray dies for many men’s sins on a double dropkick that looked like it went right through his face. The Bodies also bust out this bulldog combo that was very much primitive Motor City Machine Guns-style.

At the core, it’s a really solid tag team match that’s very much in the vein of most of your great Midnight Express matches, which makes sense since the Bodies’ deal was that they were the world’s best Midnight Express copycat team (which isn’t an insult; I LOVE the Bodies and they’re legitimately one of my favorite teams ever). It was really a mid-80’s style Crockett TV match on WWF TV in the mid-90’s.

Plus, we get to see Todd Pettengil bust out the Del Ray thrust dance, which is just as creepy as it sounds.

To view this match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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