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GLEEBLOG #8: “Prom Queen”

by on May 11, 2011

“Prom Queen”
By Alex Green

Hello everyone!

Sorry I didn’t get last week’s recap up. Tom and I got married on Saturday, so things were a bit hectic last week. We’re settling into a state of chill married-ness, so I’ll have more time to work on the blog

Prom has finally arrived at William McKinley High School, and I must say that their prom was way cooler and more dramatic than any prom I’ve been to. A LOT happened, including the return of everybody’s favorite bad boy, Jesse St. James. Here’s what went down this week…

-Blaine opens up about being bullied and beaten for his sexuality

-Artie tries to come up with a plan to get Brittany back by singing Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” to her in home ec, but she turns him down

-Jesse returns to McKinley and apologizes to Rachel for what he did to her, and they duet Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”. He also tells of his plan to be a show choir consultant. Finn doesn’t think Rachel should get involved with Jesse and admits he still cares for her.

-Burt and Blaine are concerned that Kurt wants to wear a kilt to prom just to get attention, but Kurt says he’s not going to let what everyone else thinks change who he is.

-A tearful Karofsky apologizes to Kurt for what his past actions.

-The glee club is in charge of providing the prom entertainment, and songs are as follows.

-Puck, Sam and Artie perform Rebecca Black’s Friday.

-Rachel sings Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts”, and she and Finn share meaningful glances.

-Blaine, Tina and Brittany do “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” by Black Kids.

-Mercedes and Santana sing tackle Abba’s classic “Dancing Queen”.

-Finn and Jesse exchange words, followed by shoving, at prom and get kicked out.

-Puck and Artie try to spike the punch, but Artie gets caught by Sue. She tries to get him to admit it was Puck’s idea so he would get expelled (therefore leaving the glee club without him at Nationals), but Artie maintains it was his idea. Sue is about to start torturing him when it comes out that all he put in the punch was lemonade

-Karofsky is crowned prom king, and Kurt is crowned queen as a joke, causing him, Quinn and Santana to rush out. Kurt, crying, tells Blaine that he thought nobody really cared that he was gay since he wasn’t getting bullied or beaten, but that the prank proves differently. He decides to go back in and accept his crown (saying “Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton”), but Karofsky chickens out of dancing with him. Quinn blames Rachel for losing, saying that nobody voted for her and Finn because they could tell he’d rather be with Rachel, and she slaps her. She apologizes and admits that she feels insecure about the future. Santana tells Brittany she thinks she lost because people figured out she’s a lesbian, but Brittany tells her she probably would have one if she would have just been herself.

So, who went with who?

-Finn & Quinn

-Mike & Tina

-Puck & Lauren

-Karofsky & Santana

-Kurt & Blaine

-Rachel, Mercedes and Sam go together, and Jesse ends up joining them after he comes back

-Artie and Brittany go separately, but dance the last dance together

My Thoughts:

-I loved that Rachel and Mercedes came up with a cheap plan to go to prom with the cash-strapped Sam (this included Goodwill dresses, homemade fresh-picked corsages and dinner specials at Breadstix).

-A lot of the kids really opened up about their feelings this week, and it was moving to see that (especially to see a more human side of Quinn, who has gone back to being a mean girl since giving birth, and Karofsky, whose tears almost moved me to tears).

-I think Santana is becoming more okay with her sexuality, and I think maybe Karofsky is headed that direction as well. Whether or not they choose to share that with their peers is yet to be determined.

-It was so awesome to see Jonathan Groff (Jesse) back on the show. I’m not entirely sure of his motives, but I don’t think Rachel’s really going to fall for him again (I’ve seen pics of filming in NYC where Finn and Rachel look quite cozy).

-You have to respect Kurt and Brittany for sticking to their guns. She decided not to get back with a guy who disrespected her and he decided to stand up for himself in the face of humiliation.

-I thought the songs were all awesome tonight, and Rachel KILLED “Jar of Hearts”. I thought the harmonies in the chorus of “Rolling in the Deep” sounded odd, but my friend Megan told me they were performing the John Legend version, not the Adele version, so that was why. I haven’t listened to the JL version yet, but I’m going to now.

Next week’s episode is titled “Funeral”, and someone is going to die. A female someone who isn’t Emma or any of the glee clubbers. Any guesses as to who?


  1. My theory for next week: Will’s ex-wife dies, which gets Will in a state of mind that causes him to stall a relationship with Emma yet again.


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