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Review: CZW Wired TV – Season 2, Episode 5

by on May 10, 2011

So, Combat Zone Wrestling recently decided to pump some life back into their online television show, Wired, with a television taping to create all-new content for each episode, as opposed to their previous “pre-show match/rehashed content” format. If CZW’s willing to put the time into creating all-new wrestling content, we’re willing to put the time into getting the word out. Thus, we’re going to try to start reviewing each new episode that goes online from this point out.

To check out this episode (Season Two, Episode Five), please go to CZW’s page on HybridEnt.TV.

Under the cut, the review begins!

We start the show with Kimber Lee (Get it? It took me WAY too long to.) yelling at Akuma for losing at Best of the Best. She screamed a LOT.

I understand that everyone in CZW loves Nick Gage, but shouldn’t he be removed from the TV intro by this point? Same with Brain Damage, who hasn’t been there in months.

AKUMA (w/Kimber Lee) vs LATIN DRAGON

-The play-by-play guy sounds JUST like Rob Naylor, but noticably isn’t. They said on commentary that this is Dragon’s debut match.
-For his first match, Dragon looks solid. He’s rough in spots (though part of it might be Akuma awkwardness), but some of his flying looks better than you’d think.
-Dragon looks like one of those Bryan Alvarez-type Latinos in skin pigment.
-There’s some really uncomfortable commentary discussion about “getting Kimber Lee off”.
-Dragon busts out a really smooth-looking Dragon Kid-style moonsault from the second turnbuckle-holder to the floor.
-Akuma kicks out of a Phoenix Splash from Dragon, but Dragon pins him with a hurricanrana right after for the surprise win. I try not to be all “C’MON” with the nearfalls, but Akuma kicking out of the Phoenix Splash on the opener of the “TV” show (especially since he was still doing the job) was kind of ridiculous.
-Dragon’s not exactly Adam Cole in terms of CZW Academy students, but if this was really his first match, I bet he ends up being a decent little addition to the CZW undercards with more experience.

Drew Gulak is out for a promo with his Wired TV Title belt. Devon Moore interrupts him for practically no reason to set up an ENORMOUS fellow with dreadlocks to run in and take Devon out. The dude didn’t do a ton, but he seems to move really well for someone so thick. Drew Gulak continues with his promo, talking about how him holding the Wired Title signifies change in CZW since he’s got influence due to the belt.

-They really need name title keys at the very beginning of the match and not after the bell, especially for the unknown guys.
-James is a tall dude. Not a ton of muscle mass, but he has a decent-looking frame.
-I believe the storyline they’re running is that James is trying to impress Drew Gulak to get a permanent spot in CZW and they’re setting up some sort of CZW vs Team Drew Gulak deal specifically for the TV show.
-Swann’s flying has improved so much since even the beginning of the year. He’s had clunky-looking tendencies at times, but they’re much fewer and further between lately.
-The Emil Sitoci fan in me appreciated Swann busting out Tremendocity (wheelbarrow stunner).
-James isn’t quite as good or comfortable-looking yet, but he kind of moves like a less-experienced Jon Moxley in the ring.
-Rich Swann just pooped all over anyone else who’s ever attempted the deal where you jump up and give a guy sitting on the top turnbuckle a hurricarana. I’ve never seen one look so good.
-Swann wins with his standing 450 after knocking James down with an Arachnid Kick (1 1/2-rotation spinning wheel kick). Swann looked really great here; the past year has done so much for Rich Swann it’s ridiculous.
-Alex James crawls over to Drew Gulak (who’s judging the unknowns with DJ Hyde at a table in front of the ring and gets pelvic-thrusted away by Swann.

Non-Title Match: Wired TV Champion DREW GULAK (w/Mr. Tofinga?) vs CZW World Champion DEVON MOORE
-If I botched the spelling of the bodyguard’s name, I apologize.
-They need to do something about continuity. They cut from Gulak at ringside in a suit to Gulak walking out in his tights.
-Gulak asks for a forfeit win since his bodyguard took out Moore, but Moore came out in his street clothes to take the match.
-Gulak works over Moore’s ribs throughout the match, including his awesome bodyscissors.
-It’s so weird to see the usual CZW crowd crap all over hard-working guys flying all over the place and trying all of these difficult moves, yet Drew Gulak’s getting heat with simple cheating spots (like his bodyguard pulling his hand during an abdominal stretch).
-Moore took the Bret Hart-style chest-into-the-buckles off of an Irish whip and it didn’t look nearly as awkward as you’d think.
-Moore wins by superkicking Gulak after shoving him into the interferring Mr. Tofinga, who runs in after the match and takes out Devon Moore. Danny Havoc runs in with a chair and runs off Gulak (who has to pull Mr. Tofinga away, which means they’re going full-on Meng/Big Bubba with him).

The show closes with Drew Gulak cutting a promo with Mr. Tofinga in the other room at the Arena where they hold the CZW and Chikara training schools. Gulak cuts a pretty darned good promo about booking a trip to Jamaica and leaving Mr. Tofinga in charge of his matters at the CZW show this coming weekend.

Overall, there’s a lot of things they could improve on, this being the first try at this version of CZW Wired. While the crowd wasn’t nearly as negative as the usual CZW drones, they were REALLY quiet at times (especially during the Gulak/Moore angle to introduce Mr. Tofinga). They could probably also tighten up the show a bit (if they cut the Akuma/Dragon and Swann/James match times, they could’ve been more showcase-esque to get someone over and you could’ve fit in a fourth match to help get some more faces on TV).

But, the big plus: Drew Gulak is the best guy in that company to build the internet television show around right now. He’s really hitting his stride with his character and using him as the lead guy on a show like this will give him nothing but opportunity to tool around with his personality and how he wants the persona portrayed. Plus, he’s got a quality about him to where you want to see the good guys chase him for that Wired belt. Also, by using him as the main guy on Wired and using Robert Anthony as the main heel on the live cards, it gives the TV tapings their own personality in the scheme of things.

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  1. Will H. permalink

    Well, to be fair to Akuma, the nearfall on the “phoenix splash” was kind of necessary, due to Latin Dragon absolutely whiffing on it. They kind of had to come up with a new finish, so hurricanrana pin it is.

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