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5/10 Match of the Day: Ahmed Johnson vs 1-2-3 Kid

by on May 10, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the February 17, 1996 edition of WWF Superstars, as Ahmed Johnson faces the 1-2-3 Kid in what might be one of the best unheralded one-man performances in WWF history.

In under five minutes, the Kid worked so hard and so well that Johnson legitimately looked like he should’ve been the biggest star in all of professional wrestling. From the opening toss over the top rope to the Beale toss to even the way that (I assume) he called for Johnson to sell his offense in the corner,  Johnson looked like he was in line to become Vince McMahon’s next mega-star. If you need a handbook on how to make someone look like he’s got seven-figure potential, just transcribe this bout.

(Credit to Ben Pasco for pointing this match out to us.)

To view the match in its entirety, click below the cut!


  1. I love that Kid is still calling spots to the ref to pass along. Dude is the best.

  2. Brian permalink

    1-2-3 Kid gets DQ’d for hitting Razor, who was not in the match, with a guitar. Not quite sure how that works.

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