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DYNAMIC DEBUT MONDAY: The Quebecers vs Tony Webb & Rich Myers

by on May 9, 2011

We start your Monday morning with a DYNAMIC DEBUT! Today’s Match of the Day comes from the July 24, 1993 edition of WWF Superstars, as Jacques and Pierre prove they’re NOT the Mounties and debut on World Wrestling Federation television against the team of Tony Webb and Rich Myers.

Mike picked this match during Episode 35 of the podcast (which has gotten some of the best reviews the show’s ever gotten). Short of the absolute most brutal Samoan Swat Team squash matches, I don’t think any heel tag team squash match can touch how ridiculous this match is. Within a minute or so, we get a backdrop/Pierre senton combo move and Jacques Rougeau busting out the PACKAGE PILEDRIVER IN 1993. If that’s not absurd enough, Pierre decides that Rich Meyers’ head is too round and lands on the poor guy’s skull on a second rope legdrop during the finish. Plus, we get Jacques Rougeau’s famous flying crotch to the face (with Macho Man Randy Savage, during the replay commentary, saying “I don’t know about THIIIIIIIIS…”).

To check out the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


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