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5/7 ROH Revolution: Canada RESULTS!

by on May 8, 2011

Our buddy Dave attended the ROH Revolution: Canada show last night in Toronto. For all the information on what went down, check below the cut!

1) Flatliners defeated Rip Impact and Alex Bird. Impact and the Flatliners are pre-show regulars in Toronto. The Flatliners are always fun to watch, they’re a really good old-school powerhouse team but they move well. It’s really surprising they’re not in WWE. They won the match here.

Regular show:

2) Claudio Castagnolli vs Kyle O’Reilly: This was a really good opener that built well toward tome near-falls from O’Reilly that people actually believing he might win. Castagnolli is great at making wrestlers smaller than him look good and since O’Reilly is good this worked out really well. O’Reilly had used a sharpshooter which of course gets a great reaction in Canada.

3) Steve Corino vs Mike Bennett: This was a fun comedy match built around Corino trying to use his abdominal stretch/thumb in the bum combo on Bennett. It almost built for too long but then when he actually ended up getting it on Brutal Bob it got over great with the crowd. Bennett then won the match by attacking Corino while he was fixated on the use of his thumb. Before the match Corino came it in a Canadian Hockey jersey and teased the return of Kevin Steen who he said is in the best shape physically and mentally of his career.

4) Double Danger Scramble: Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole vs Grizzly Redwood vs Tomasso Ciampa vs Rhett Titus vs Andy Ridge
This was Lucha tag rules with the winner being the first to get two eliminations. I was confused about the rules but thankfully Grant Zwarych was there to explain them to me at intermission. Regardless, this was a fun spot-fest with almost everybody getting one elimination. It was an opportunity for Elgin to shine, which he did with a Tornillo dive, taking a Canadian Destroyer of the top and doing an Electric Chair to Adam Cole and Grizzly Redwood at the same time.

5) Davey Richards vs Kenny King: Both guys were over with the crowd, Richards particularly is always popular in Toronto. Really good stuff, there was a missed German suplex from the top that they covered for by using a German in the middle with Richards getting the win.


6) Tribute to Larry Sweeney: Colt Cabana vs Delirious. Cabana had six Larry Sweeney shirts on and threw them to the crowd as he took each one off. When he and Delirous tied up, Delirious had a shirt that he got out of his gear and they worked a bunch of spots over Cabana trying to get the shirt. They did a strut-off which was fun and Todd Sinclair got involved as well. U did gave to say that in 2007 I saw Sweeney in a strut-off with Passion Hazegawa (sp?) of Toryumon on a UWA show and it was my favorite Sweeney moment. Cabana won this pure comedy match that paid great tribute to Sweeney.

7) Christopher Daniels vs El Generico: Daniels has a new look that really works well. He was also referred to as the only T.V. star in ROH. This was a fun back-and-forth match, Daniels seems to have gotten into a groove and is really fun to see live. Generico is always great and he won with a brainbuster. Lots of interference from the House of Truth with Corino coming in for the save.

ROH World Tag Titles: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin vs Jay and Mark Briscoe: Mark was bleeding from his right eye and when he had a camel clutch on one of his oppenents and he screaming it was quite the visual with the bloody face and missing teeth. People didn’t really want to boo the Briscoes but they managed to get them to do so. Really good match with Haas and Benjamin winning after some false finishes. It was a pleasure to see Haas and Benjamin live in a product where they can shine. Last time I saw them both live, Shelton had a gold hair-dye and Charlie was impersonating The Mountie which was a recipe for future endeavors.

9) ROH World Title: This is my match of the year at this point. Eddie Edwards is perfectly positioned to have become ROH champion as his style seems just right for ROH main event style. Chris Hero is one of the best wrestlers in the world and possibly the best in my opinion. He worked over Eddie’s arm a lot, including a spinning elbow onto the arm. Lost of elbow spots from Hero and kicks from Edwards. Tons of near-falls that worked well, including Castagnolli running in for a Ricolla Bomb when Todd Sinclair was distracted by Shane Hagadorn and Sara Del Ray. Eddie had gotten the half Boston Crab on several times. The finish came when he put it on again and started stomping and kicking Hero in the head leading to a referee stoppage. Great crowd reactions.

This show had a lot of matches that were good and very good and then a main event that was great. I would highly recommend getting the DVD for the main event.


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