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This ‘n’ That w/ Nick Maniwa: IPW Super Junior Tournament 2010 Review

by on May 5, 2011

By Nick Maniwa

I’m currently working security for a lobby full of college kids, so I’m gonna watch IPW’s Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament, instead of, you know, actually doing my job.

My first IPW show was the SJHT of 2009, that Dustin Rayz won. Excellent show for sure, you can check that out on The show is shot by Swerve Video which you can hit up on Facebook.

Now that all of the informational stuff is out of the way, let’s start this show off.

The commentary is a bit low but that issue has gotten fixed for future DVDs. “Sweet” Lou Roberts and “Aerial Obesity” Jon Murray are the commentators for tonight.


– Ricochet is a heel or at least a tweener here, he is also the current, at the time and reigning IPW Super Junior Heavyweight champion. He is putting the title on the line throughout the tournament. He is going back and forth with a fan in the crowd. If you haven’t seen Aaron Xtreme, you’re not looking low enough. I kid, I kid. Big things come in small packages and that definitely rings true here.

– Aaron Xtreme is one half of the tag team DNA. I believe he’s out of the Ohio area. All joking aside, Xtreme should try to go to Mexico as a mini. He’s a white dude and a white gringo mini would probably get over like gangbusters down there.

– You rarely see Ricochet as the larger man in a match but it seems like he’s toying a little with Xtreme.

– Back and forth action, pretty solid. Xtreme does a lot of lucha arm drags. I’d love to see him in a Young Lion’s Cup.

– Ricochet with a gorilla press into a lawndart. That’s probably the only time you’ll see Ricochet able to do a gorilla press.


– Ricochet misses a corkscrew moonsault. Xtreme tries a shooting star press and Ricochet moves out of the way. Ricochet finishes him off with a Here It Is Driver, elevated up to his shoulders for more impact, to advance to round 2.

After-Match Thoughts: Pretty decent opener to start the show off. Not sure if it’s the first time they’ve wrestled each other but there was some hits and misses but a fine way to start the tournament.



– I’m a big fan of both guys in this match. Everybody knows Scotty but Jeremy is like a hidden gem of Indiana. He reminds me of Chuck Taylor and this was one of his first real “high profile” matches in my opinion.

– The storyline here is that Hadley was on the preshow until he got a match with Billy Roc on the main show (that he lost) and the next main show match for Hadley was this one.

– SMUSH on a back senton from Scotty to Hadley.

– One of Hadley’s strengths is shit-talking the crowd. So good at that. Hadley hits an impressive spring in, split-legged moonsault.

– Scotty was going for the Dragon Fly (Spanish Fly) and Jeremy pushed him off and hit a nice blockbuster.

– Scotty Vortekz advances to round 2 with the Death from Above aka Double Knees.

Some rough patches in the middle but all in all, really good match. Even though he lost, a strong showing from Hadley in this one.



– I’m probably one of the biggest Billy Roc fans in the world. I love Billy Roc, the wrestler, I love Billy Roc, the person. Just a fantastic human being all around.

– That being said, I’m also a big Chrisjen Hayme fan. He’s one of those guys, that someone like a Cornette or Lawler would’ve built a fed around had he come along 10-20 years soon. Pretty boy good looks and can get it done in the ring.

– Billy Roc is a big fan of the catch as catch can wrestling style. Guys like Johnny Saint are a big inspiration to him, as the beginning of this match shows.

– Turning up the heat in the match, some strong chops and forearms from Hayme. Followed by some lucha from Billy then some kicks from Hayme.

– Billy hits the surfboard slams probably the best I’ve ever seen.

– Hayme goes for the state roll and instead hits a german suplex then does an inverted lightning spiral almost that looks real pretty.

– BIG hurricanrana from Billy off the top to an almost standing Hayme. Awesome stuff.

– Billy goes for Dyn-o-mite off the top, Chrisjen pushes him off and hits the 450 to advance to round 2.

Really great match. Everything was pretty much spot on and both guys tore it up.


4.) A.R. FOX VS. JAKE CRIST (2005 SJHT Champion)

– This is A.R. Fox’s debut match in IPW but he already has the support of the fans with a Let’s go Fox chant. If you don’t know A.R. Fox, he is a student of Curtis Hughes aka Mr. Hughes (Yes, no joke) and he broke out of the GA scene a couple years ago and has been on fire ever since.

– I assume everyone reading this knows Jake Crist. He’s one half of the Irish Airborne and usually the one without the mohawk and usually rocks a goatee or some type of facial hair.

– I believe this was the first time they ever wrestled and they are meshing really well. They had a match recently at CZW’s Best of the Best with each other and added Sami Callihan in the mix and it blew the roof off the place. IPW announced that the BOTB rematch will be their main event for their May 7th show. for all the info. (/shill).

– JEEEEEESUS. Jake Crist is on point with a superkick to the mush. All AR wants for Christmas is his two front teeth. Yikes.

– That legdrop from the top rope to the opponent on the apron is gonna end up breaking Fox’s ass. The kick-flip got a big pop from the audience, after they figured how what happened.

– Jake Crist advances to round 2 with the Suicide. The Top rope flipping double underhook piledriver, which was one of the better ones I’ve seen him do.

Great match from these two. First time wrestling and you would’ve never known. Jake Crist is finally getting the recognition he deserves, along with his brother Dave and AR Fox is the man. Great stuff.



– If you don’t know Dustin Rayz, he’s out of the Ohio area. Does IPW and HWA ( regularly. He was in a Chikara Young Lion’s Cup as well, I believe.

– O’Reilly is an internet darling, making waves all over the indy scene. He’s at IPW quite often, being only from the Missouri area.

– Both of these guys are more strikers than they are high flyers, but both have been known to do some aerial stuff here and there.

– Lou Roberts, the partner of Dustin Rayz is doing some storyline work on commentary. This was the build to the Messiahs of a New Age returning as a tag team. Lou kinda sounds like Nick Gage at times, haha. Who’s The Man?

– A lot of feeling out in this match. One of the longer matches of the first round, clocking in at around 15:00. Solid back and forth stuff.

– Kyle O’Reilly wins the match with a crazy lariat turning Rayz inside out and down on his head.

Personal opinion, it was a little submission heavy for me. That’s just my opinion. Very solid match and all the submissions were top notch.


6.) TAREK THE LEGEND VS. DAVE CRIST (2004 & 2006 SJHT Champion)

– The final match of round 1. I’m a big fan of Dave Crist in and outside the ring. Same goes for Tarek. I’ve legitimately known Tarek the Legend (formerly the Great) for at least 14 of the 22 years of my life, haha.

– Some thoughts about Tarek: A lot of guys should be kissing his feet, in terms of even being on shows. Himself and American Kickboxer really broke the mold back in the ’90s. You gotta remember, wrestling used to be a “big man” game. These guys busted their ass for IWA back in 96 and really showed people that you didn’t have to be 6’0 and jacked to the gills to put on a great match.

– These guys are very good friends outside the ring, they show some respect with a handshake.

– 5 mins in and this match is hot and heavy. The sequence they just did could’ve been a finishing one but we’ve only just begun. As I say that, Dave takes a backdrop over the guardrail and this turns into an all over the building brawl.

– Ohh, Tarek clotheslines Dave over the bleachers. This is nuts. Tarek takes a suplex on the floor. SPLAT. It sucks for the fans on the other side of the building but Swerve Video is RIGHT THERE with the action. Awesome camera work.

– Dave Crist climbs the platform that they have the hardcam on and DOES A MOONSAULT onto a standing Tarek. This is crazy.

– JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ, Tarek goes on a headbutt streak and all you hear is head thumping. Brainbuster on the bleacher. Absolute craziness and awesomeness.

– Dave calls for Shenanigans which is an Asai DDT. This is Billy Roc’s finisher and it only got a 2. I call Shenanigans on that, Sir David Crist, :).

– Tarek the Legend advances to round 2 after a Rings of Saturn variation.

This match could’ve been a main event on any indy show in the United States. Absolutely top notch match. I’m so glad they took an intermission after the match cos there’s no way anybody would’ve been able to follow that. Clocking in at 19 mins, this ended up being the longest match in the first round but I really enjoyed it.


Time for an intermission for the live crowd, which was needed and a change of discs for the viewers at home.

*intermission music*



– I forgot the semi-finals were two 3-way dances. It’s elimination style, so there’s only one man left in each match, that meet in the finals.

– Well I say that and I’m a liar. It’s a one fall match, the winner of the pinfall advances to the finals. I believe it used to be elimination style or I could be full of it, :).

– After seeing how dominant he was, Hayme and J. Crist go right after O’Reilly.

– Jon Murray just said that this was the first year, it wasn’t elimination. I’m not crazy, woo hoo.

– O’Reilly with a beautiful northern lights suplex.

– I wouldn’t want to be an opponent’s chest or Kyle’s kickpads with the kicks he throws. Owwie zowwie.

– Jake Crist hits the Suicide once again. That’s 2 in 1 night.

– Exchange of forearms and kicks, good stuff.

– Kyle O’Reilly advances to the finals with a Tornado DDT out of the corner, holds onto the head and hits a brainbuster to get the pin.

Solid match, a little short, about 8 and a half minutes but good action.


8.) TAREK THE LEGEND VS. SCOTTY VORTEKZ VS. RICOCHET (Reigning and Defending Super Junior Champion).

– I’m watching this on 4/21/11. On 4/9/11, at IPW UPRISING, I saw Scotty Vortekz vs. Tarek the Legend at IPW. I believe it was Tarek’s first match back since this tournament. Excellent match then, should pick up the show from

– I first saw Ricochet at IWA MS in like 2006 and he was just a “flippy little boy”, as Chuck Taylor says. Now he’s an all around fantastic wrestler and learned where to place all those moves. He deserves all his success.

– Tarek takes a backdrop to the outside and it’s not a nice landing at all. I actually screamed, “OH!”, in an empty college dorm lobby, haha.

– I think Tom has said it before, you wouldn’t think Ricochet would be a good heel because you want to cheer his impressive moves but it works out well.

– Beautiful Sasuke Special from Ricochet with him landing on his feet. So ridiculous.

– Ricochet advances to the finals when he hits Scotty Vortekz with his version of the Here It Is Driver.

All 3 guys tore it up in this match, Ricochet has the cocky heel champion really works. Really enjoyable.


9.) JESSE EMERSON VS. JIMMY JACOBS- #1 Contenders match for the IPW World Title.

– Jimmy is a good guy but he still gets booed. I couldn’t tell you why. Big fan of both of these guys.

– Carey has dropped some weight since this. He’s looking good now.

– As it says on his tights, you can follow Jimmy Jacobs on twitter @JimmyJacobsX

– Emerson skins the cat then takes a clothesline over. Skinning the cat was impressive for a dude of his size.

– Jimmy hits a suicide dive. I remember when he was doing tope con hilos to NOTHING in a random armory in Salem, Indiana in front of 48 people.

– Carey trips Jimmy and then Emerson hits a big clothesline that turns Jimmy inside out.

– Jimmy hits a cutter off the turnbuckle. I saw AR Fox do it first but Jimmy does it a little different, so I’ll allow it, :).

– Jimmy drags Carey into the ring, Emerson goes to attack and ends up headbutting Carey who was down in the corner, in the groin. Fans love it.

– Emerson goes for the Alabama Slam, Jimmy clamps on the End Game. Emerson arm falls twice and then the music of Jon Moxley (champion) hits.

– Emerson grabs a schoolboy and a handful of tights to get the pin. I think the deal was Carey made the music man play the music. Doesn’t really play out on the DVD.

Solid match, good buffer inbetween tournament bouts. Wish the end angle would’ve been explained more but it was fine.


KYLE O’REILLY VS. RICOCHET (Reigning and Defending Super Junior Champion

– Some mat wrestling to start the match, Kyle grabs on a half boston crab that Ricochet wiggles out of.

– Ricochet shakes his leg off, he was in 3 matches already, so injuring him enough to get him to tap or pin shouldn’t be hard.

– Kick and knee combo from O’Reilly. Kyle knees Ricochet right in the face.

– Ricochet hits a headscissors on the outside.

– I really gotta put over Swerve Video’s quality. The last IPW DVDs I saw back in 09 were total crap. I spoke about it on a podcast with Tom. I did that because I knew the people in charge of IPW would see it. Glad they took notice and got people that know how to shoot wrestling.

– Ricochet hits a cannonball, hooks his legs to get on the tope rope then does a dropkick to O’Reilly still in the corner.

– Ricochet smartly goes after the legs of O’Reilly.

– O’Reilly hits a big gutbuster to Ricochet from the top rope.

– Rico catches himself on a Phoenix Splash, gets hit with a clothesline and a dragon suplex from O’Reilly for a 2.

– Superplex with both men standing on the top rope, followed by a small package gets a 2.9.

– SSP from Ricochet, O’Reilly gets the knees up and he locks Ricochet in a triangle choke and starts nailing him with elbows to the top of the head.

– Ricochet flips over O’Reilly, grabs a handful of tights and becomes your 2010 Super Junior Heavyweight tournament champion.

Match was great. I wasn’t a giant fan of the finish since you just had a rollup with tights in the last match. What the DVD suffer from is no backstage promos or skits at all. Those little things add so much to the DVD. Even pulp fiction style or the winners before each match or like Chikara does it. I’d love it if they started putting them on the DVDs.


Overall, this DVD is definitely a buy to quote the foodreviewer on youtube. Just top notch wrestling all around. I used the word top notch 3 times in this review and I meant it every single time. If you are looking for an IPW DVD to pick up and already own Showdown in Naptown (1/1/11) or just need an extra DVD to throw in your SMV basket, I highly suggest the 2010 SJHT. Guys go out there and bust their ass for our enjoyment and I enjoyed myself while watching this DVD.

#supportprowres, support indy wrestling, support Insanity Pro Wrestling and support Smart Mark Video.

Thanks for reading,

Nick Maniwa


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