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Wedding Week Podcasts: Episode 35 w/Naylor & Chikarason, M&T News w/Joe Gagne

by on May 3, 2011

Episode 35: RIGHT CLICK & SAVE
M&T News w/Joe Gagne: RIGHT CLICK & SAVE

“Standby: Chikarason, Naylor, Action!”

Episode 35 of Mike & Tom Present… might be the most epic yet. We were joined by both Leonard F. Chikarason and Rob Naylor for an hour and a half of everything imaginable! A few of the tens (if not hundred-plus) topics brought up include a spoken history of professional wrestling in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area, how Chikarason might be the Where’s Waldo of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Tiny “Zeus” Lister’s incredible career (as told by Tiny “Zeus” Lister), HC Loc, Rob’s love for Hamburg, Pennsylvania, the next AJ & Daniels, the death of the spinoff sitcom, a mini-retrospective on the first class of the Ring of Honor Wrestling School, wrestlers who look like your grandma, and Leonard dispells a fifteen-year-old urban legend about Stevie Richards!
Approximate time: 97 minutes.


We’re back for the second of three shows this week (yeah, it’s kind of insane), as Joe Gagne of Joe Versus The World comes on for the first-ever M&T “digest show”, which we’re naming in honor of the lovely Linda Ellerbee. In under a half-hour, Joe & Tom (with a run-in from Mike) discussed Just the Ten of Us more in-depth from last night’s episode, Joe’s King of Trios thoughts, Kurt Angle’s mistress and various well-wishes for weddings, websites and so on!Approximate time: 30 minutes.

As mentioned on the show, check out Joe’s Penultimate Fighter Fantasy MMA League and the official Joe vs. The World Facebook page!


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  1. The lovely (but aging) Linda Ellerbee thanks you kindly.

    Best wishes,

    Linda Ellerbee

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