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5/3 Match of the Day: PG-13 vs Three Count (Shane Helms/Shannon Moore)

by on May 3, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day begins our WCW Saturday Night week. No, not the glory years. Anyone could do 1991-1993. Instead, we’ll be focusing on the last year or so of the show. The Jim Duggan TV Title storyline, Power Plant goes kaboom, lots of Brian Knobbs…all sorts of fun!

Today, we look at a bout from the February 5, 2000 episode of the show, as Three Count (Shannon Moore and Shane Helms in less dorky times) face the incredible duo of JC Ice and Wolfie D, better known as PG-13. The stooging spot at the beginning leading to Ice & Wolfie bumping into each other was both incredible and classic PG-13. Both teams busted out some very 2000 double-teams, but they both looked neat (especially PG-13’s tilt-a-whirl splash). Wolfie busted out the perfect wild redneck senton at one point. The finish was kind of bad, but the rest of the bout was pretty awesome and a good example of how, occasionally, the ridiculous boom-boom-boom style could work in a short television match.

Oh, and we get FULL musical performances by both teams!

(To see the match in its entirety, click under the cut!


  1. tom perry permalink

    geez i remember how weird wcw got at this time, although personally i think the duggan tv title thing was great. didnt they have a cruiser weight tag division in 2000? yet they didnt even mention it in this match.

  2. They didn’t start it until February 2001. It only lasted a little over a month before WCW died.

  3. Brian permalink

    Imagine if 3 Count had access to autotune.

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