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MALENKO FRIDAY – 4/29 Match of the Day: Dean Malenko vs Scott Armstrong

by on April 29, 2011

Have no fear, pack your gin and/or juice…it’s MALENKO FRIDAY!

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the July 27, 1996 edition of WCW Worldwide, as the reason for the season (Dean Malenko) faces current WWE referee Scott Armstrong. Scott’s often the forgotten Armstrong since his dad and brother were so charismatic, Brad is generally considered one of the best workers of his time and even Steve had the great tag team run with Tracy Smothers. But, Scott was pretty darned good once the bell rang, as this match would suggest. They spent the first half of the match just chain-wrestling back and forth and Scott hung with Malenko every step of the way. Malenko busts out a dropkick to Armstrong’s arm (which was hammerlocked around the top rope) that looked incredible. Armstrong sells the arm beautifully as Malenko worked it over briefly, mostly just shaking it out since Malenko did work it over, but didn’t get the chance to do much to it that’d require the “AHH! IT’S KILLING ME!” selling. Scott throws some gorgeous flipper forearms during his comeback and thinks well on his feet when Malenko gets up before him on a small package that he put Dean in (acting like Malenko bonked him in the face). There’s a backslide near-fall towards the end that got me, which is hard to do on a 15-year-old match on Youtube.

It’s just a really strong match in that “in the bubble” way that a lot of the Orlando WCW taping matches were. If you haven’t checked out a single match this week, PLEASE watch this one.

(To see the match in full, click under the cut.)


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