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GLEEBLOG 7: “Born This Way” Recap/Thoughts

by on April 29, 2011

Hello everyone! Hopefully you caught last night’s amazing “Born This Way” episode. A LOT went down, and it makes me very excited for the rest of the season! Since the episode was super-sized, the recap’s a bit bigger than usual too. I apologize that last week’s recap never got up, but I got very busy with work last week and was too tired to get around to it.

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-This Week’s Lesson: Acceptance/Emma’s OCD

After Rachel tells the glee club she’s thinking about a nose job and the kids react negatively, Santana says that everyone has something about themselves they’d like to change (and points out some of her peers’ faults, like Finn’s “puffy pyramid nipples”) and she sees no problem with people making those changes. Will tells Emma about the conversation and says that he wants his teaching legacy to be helping the kids learn to love themselves. Emma mentions something about them needing to realize they were born this way, and Will is inspired to use Lady Gaga to help the kids learn to accept themselves.

Will tells the kids they’re going to work on self-acceptance and perform “Born This Way”. Emma tells the kids they’re going to each pick a word/phrase they don’t like about themselves to put on t-shirts for costumes. She displays one she made, that says ‘GINGER’ and tells the kids how being a ginger has negatively affected her life, but she was born that way and she’s going to embrace it. Later, Will tells her that he’s disappointed that she didn’t put OCD on her shirt. She says she thinks it’s too personal to share with the kids, but Will tells her she’s not being honest with the kids or herself. He tries to get her to eat some unwashed fruit, but she freaks out. He says he thinks she spends so much time counseling others so she doesn’t have to work on fixing herself. Finn performs Sammy Davis, Jr.’s “I’ve Gotta Be Me”, accompanied by Mike’s dancing.

Emma goes to see a psychiatrist, but spends the whole session disinfecting the chair. The psychiatrist tells her she has very severe OCD and that medication and behavioral therapy can really help her control it. She says that her illness is not who she’s supposed to be, but it’s standing in the way of who she’s supposed to be. Emma admits that she feels ashamed. The doctor promises she’ll be able to get better and writes her a prescription. Emma contemplates taking the pills for awhile, and ultimately decides to take them. She comes to see the glee club perform “Born This Way” and shows Will her new shirt that says ‘OCD’. Santana watches from the audience with Karofsky, wearing the “LEBANESE” shirt. As for the other shirts: Will-“BUTT CHIN”, Artie-“FOUR EYES”, Brittany-“I’M WITH STOOPID” (with an upwards arrow), Finn-“CAN’T DANCE”, Kurt-“LIKES BOYS”, Lauren-“BAD ATTITUDE”, Mercedes-“NO WEAVE!”, Mike-“CAN’T SING”, Tina-“BROWN EYES”, Sam-“TROUTY MOUTH”, Puck-“I’M WITH STUPID” (with a downwards arrow), Rachel-“NOSE”, Quinn-“LUCY CABOOSEY”

-Rachel’s Nose Job

During dance practice for Nationals, Finn accidentally breaks Rachel’s nose. The doctor recommends that since she has a deviated septum anyway, she get a nose job. She decides to do it, even though most of the glee club thinks it’s a bad idea. She brings Quinn along with her to a consultation because she wants a nose like Quinn’s. The two perform a mash-up of TLC’s “Unpretty” and “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story. The next day, Rachel passes out pictures of what she would look like with a nose like Quinn’s. Finn tells her not to do it, and that she’s beautiful, which leaves Quinn visibly upset. Rachel says it’s not up for discussion, and she’s getting one.

At their lockers, Finn tells Quinn that he thinks it’s terrible that she’s encouraging Rachel to get the nose job, and she tells him that she’s tired of fighting about Rachel when she’s the one he’s dating. Puck finds Rachel in the girl’s bathroom and says he needs an hour of her time the next day. He takes her to the mall, where he gives her to Kurt, who says he’s staging a “Barbra-vention”. He tells Rachel if she gets a nose job, she’d be going against everything Barbra stands for. He signals Puck, who turns on Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand”. A dance flash mob with mallgoers and glee club kids ensues. Before the “Born This Way” performance, Rachel announces she has canceled the nose job.

-Santana’s Plan/Kurt’s Return To McKinley

Santana thinks if she was prom queen, Brittany would leave Artie for her. She decides she needs the jock vote to win, and that dating Karofsky is going to help her get it. She, Tina and Mercedes meet with Kurt and Blaine after school, and she realizes that if she found a way for Kurt to come back to McKinley, everyone would be really grateful to her and vote for her. She realizes Karofsky is the key to her plan. She asks him out for coffee, and he agrees, saying it was only a matter of time before she asked him out. She tells him she knows he’s gay, which he denies. She admits that she’s a lesbian, and says they should be each other’s beards so nobody finds out. She says if her plan works, they can be prom king and queen, but if he refuses to go along with it, she’ll out him.

Principal Figgins brings Karofsky to the choir room so he can apologize to the glee club for all he’s done to them and Kurt. He said Santana showed him that he’s a bully, and he regrets it. When Quinn shares her disbelief that Santana might actually try to help someone, she says that the club is incomplete without Kurt, so she wanted to rehabilitate Karofsky so he would feel safe enough to come back. She announces that they’re a couple now, and that they’ve started an anti-bullying group called the Bully Whips, whose mission it is to stop bullying in McKinley’s halls. Karofsky says he’s going to reach out to Kurt, and that he hopes the club will help with the anti-bullying efforts.

Kurt and Burt meet with Karofsky, his dad, Will and Principal Figgins. Burt says he doesn’t believe Karofsky had changed. Mr. Karofsky says that he had believed Kurt when it all happened, because Karofsky hadn’t been acting like the Dave he knew, but he was back to his old self again. Kurt says he believes Karofsky is sorry, and asks if they can speak alone. He asks what his angle is. Karofsky tells him the truth. Kurt admits he’s both repulsed and impressed by Santana’s plan. Kurt says he can either out Karofsky (which he doesn’t believe in), or come back to McKinley where they’ll work on the bullying issue and start a chapter of PFLAG, because Karofsky needs to be educated.

Kurt meets everyone outside and announces his return. Mercedes has the Warblers come out because they wanted to tell him goodbye. They sing Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”, and Kurt tells Blaine he’ll never say goodbye to him. Later, he walks the halls of McKinley singing “As If We Never Said Goodbye” from Sunset Boulevard.

Santana shows Brittany her shirt, which says ‘BITCH’. Brittany says she made her a different one that says ‘LEBANESE’ (she thought it said lesbian). Santana said she wouldn’t admit that to people and that if Brittany loved her, she wouldn’t try to make her admit it. Brittany says if Santana loved herself as much as she (Brittany) loved her, she’d wear the shirt and dance with her.

-Zizes For Prom Queen/The Real Quinn Fabray

When Puck finds her looking at the prom queen crown, Lauren admits that she was a successful child pageant queen and wishes that she had been able to continue. She sees Quinn and says she’ll be queen, since she’s a perfect representation of teenage beauty. Puck says they’re going to change that and run for king and queen themselves. Later, Quinn sees girls looking at Lauren’s prom queen posters saying they’ll vote for her because she’s like them. She confronts Lauren, asking if it’s a joke and makes some fat jokes. Lauren tells her that who she is on the inside and who she shows to the world are two different people.

The next day, Lauren asks Quinn to speak privately. She and Puck had broken into the office and looked at her permanent record. She had gone digging around and found that Quinn had lied about where she had transferred from and had finally dug up that Quinn’s name is actually Lucy Quinn Fabray, and that she used to be overweight, had bad acne and had a huge nose. Quinn admits it and tells her about being teased and called Lucy Caboosey (which Lauren had already unearthed), but she lost weight through dance and cheerleading, used Proactiv for her acne and got a nose job. Quinn thinks everyone will want to vote for her because people want to be like her, but Lauren says they won’t if they find out she’s a fraud. She tells Quinn to check the bulletin boards, where she had posted Quinn’s old school picture with the caption ‘Vote for Lucy Caboosey’.

Quinn tells Finn nobody will want to vote for her now, and Finn shows her that he’s carrying around her old picture, saying he likes it better. The girls who had wanted to vote for Lauren now say they want to vote for Quinn because she was like them but overcame it. Lauren apologizes to Quinn and Quinn tells her she respects her for being herself and owning who she is.

My thoughts:

-“Unpretty/I Feel Pretty” was really moving and beautifully performed.

-“I’ve Gotta Be Me” was a solid solo effort from Finn, and it was cute that he was embracing his notoriously bad moves.

-“Somewhere Only We Know” was absolutely beautiful. I cried when Blaine took Kurt’s hand. The Warblers can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

-“As If We Never Said Goodbye” was a sweet way for Kurt to come back.

-“Born This Way” was good, and performed with excellent theatricality, but I guess I was expecting a bit more punch since it was so hyped.

-I wasn’t expecting Santana’s plan to unfold the way it did, but I’m really hoping that she and Karofsky are serious about the anti-bullying thing. I’m going to be really ticked if they’re not. I liked that Santana ended up putting on the LEBANESE shirt though.

-I wish Lauren hadn’t stooped as low as she did to try to beat out Quinn, but it was nice to see that Quinn wasn’t always Little Miss Perfect.

-Kurt is back and I’m so happy!!! I really hope his relationship with Blaine continues to develop. I love me some Blaine.

-I loved Finn in this episode. He was so sweet, both to Rachel and Quinn.

-The shirts were pretty hilarious, especially Brittany and Puck’s.

Well, time to watch Lemonade Mouth (an awesome Disney Channel Original Movie you should check out). Gleek on!


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