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1994 WCW BLOGJECT: 4/9/94

by on April 29, 2011



-I think the guy who made Alex’s (my fiancee) earrings for the wedding designed DDP’s glasses.
-The Diamond Doll by this point was Kimberly.
-It is mindblowing that this same match would probably have been seen by triple the viewers that this episode did just five years later on a Nitro.
-Dallas Page, at this point, bumped like he weighed 500 pounds. He would jump very low, but make a huge THUD and just lay there like he had to think about getting up.
-Bobby Heenan alluding to swinging with Page and Kimberly is hilarious in hindsight (Google “Gold Club” if you don’t get it).
-Sting goes over with the top rope splash, which he never used as a finisher unless he didn’t trust you to bend correctly for the Scorpion Deathlock. This was 1994 Dallas Page, so yep.
-Apparently, there’s a thirty-second drum solo intro to “A Man Called Sting”, which they played when Sting won.

Sting joins Gene Okerlund at the interview area after the match, looking like he ate cake wrong:

Sting’s daddy taught him to answer civilized questions in civilized ways, you see. Sting goes NUTS screaming and yelling; I couldn’t tell you what the heck Sting said, but he was passionate.


-I must be racist, since I assumed Davis was TC Carter since he was a black dude in neon tights.
-The first mention of Cactus Jack’s ear being ripped off in Germany was during this match. Heenan thought it was hilarious. He will not shut up with the ear jokes.
-The Nasties DESTROYED poor Kenneth Kendall on a double shoulderblock.
-Saggs beats Davis with a pumphandle slam in quick fashion.
-What was a “Nasty Sensation”? The Nasty Boys ALWAYS mentioned it, but I don’t think they revealed what it was. Was it some sort of code for a blood-transmitted disease?

-Gene Okerlund has the type of voice where he always sounds excited, yet if he’s bored with something you can tell, if that makes sense.
-This seriously was the least eventful Control Center ever. BOOOO.
-Gene’s Hotline shill was him hyping a coux Sting pulled on Rick Rude to get him to sign for their Spring Stampede match that he couldn’t talk about on TV…yet it aired on TV two weeks ago. Yep.

-I wonder how much money the Gambler spent on playing cards he used during matches throughout the years.
-Heenan: “If you call the Hotline tomorrow, I will show everyone what the Patriot looks like!” Schiavone: “On the phone?” Heenan: “Then I won’t!”
-For having that ring name, the Gambler wasn’t willing to put his money behind any move but the forearm to the back. He just KEPT DOING IT…
-Patriot goes over with the full nelson slam after undergoing that BRUTAL onslaught of forearms to the small of the back. </sarcasm>
-Patriot had VERY unpatriotic entrance music.

I can see where Jesse Ventura didn’t like WCW at this point, considering they had Gene Okerlund go on TV and tease he’s in court and going to jail during another Hotline shill.

Gene’s with Earless Jack at the interview area. The piped-in crowd noise is absurd. They really had a money issue with Vader, considering they let Jack cut a promo explaining how Vader hurt him and completely squandered it.

-Payne jumps a lot before he’s introduced, I’ve noticed.
-Vader’s chokeslam might be the most underratedly-stiff part of his offense.
-Vader just backhanded the referee for no reason.
-Vader wins in (SHOCK!) one-sided fashion.

Gene Okerlund has Vader & Harley Race in the interview area. They hype up the Cactus Jack issue too, which means they HAD to have thought about going back to it. Vader claiming he was going to hurt Boss since he & Jack were friends was kind of a stretch, though.

They recap an angle from WCW Pro that morning where Erik Watts beat Tex Slashenger, then Shanghai Pierce got involved before Dustin Rhodes ran in for the help. Pierce had Watts hooked for a reverse DDT, but Dustin broke it up with a flying clothesline…where they still took the reverse DDT bump.

Trophy Match:
-I guess Pierce & Slashenger stole Watts’ trophy that was mentioned a couple of weeks and now it’s on the line. Why two mean, ugly cowboys would want a random trophy, I have no idea.

-Why is Dustin wearing mismatched kneepads?

-I enjoyed Tony Schiavone putting over Dustin Rhodes’ dropkick as he was having a hard time getting up from a dropkick.
-Erik Watts legitimately might be the single most finisher-based wrestler EVER. Every single thing he does is based around setting up his one hold.
-Dustin goes lariat-nuts on the hot tag and the crowd’s with him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more excited to win back his associate’s trophy.
-Dustin pins Pierce with the bulldog. Shouldn’t Watts have won back his own trophy
-After the match, Bunkhouse Buck runs into the ring and beats Rhodes with the trophy. On a side-note: Buck, Pierce and Slashenger would’ve been an AWESOME Southern redneck stable.

We go to a via satellite “Face to Face” Steamboat & Flair segment. Where the heck did Steamboat get a white suit jacket with a red tie and green shirt?

Steamboat says that Flair invited “Charles Bartley” to Spring Stampede. They go back and forth about whether Flair is ignoring Steamboat for Hulk Hogan. It’s silly that these two are claiming to be in Charlotte and Atlanta seperately, considering they’re promoting a Flair match later in the show with Steamboat at ringside. It did its job in selling the match at Spring Stampede, but it wasn’t anything notable.

-It’s really weird that, SIX MONTHS AFTER HIS TURN, Brian Pillman kept the Hollywood Blondes gear. Times must’ve been tough.
-They keep teasing that Pillman’s going to take the mask off of Mr. Terrorist.
-Pillman ends up winning with a top rope clothesline in a really generic Brian Pillman match, besides the mask schtick.
Gene Okerlund is standing by with a random American flag. Pillman walks over to the interview area and is presented the flag “on behalf of the fans”.

Pillman proceeds to TELL THE STORY OF HOW THE FLAG WAS DESIGNED. He ties this into fighting a British guy for a wrestling title so passionately, you’d think he was going to bring a gun and shoot the guy.

They play a music video hyping the Great Muta to the generic WCW Japanese dude song, which I LOVE. They seriously threw in sound effects whenever a strike connected in the video.

-Haito is Japanese for “The WWF would sue us if we made it any more obvious this was Kato”.

-Haito obviously hadn’t washed his Orient Express gear since 1991.
-These two have spent well over three minutes working over a hammerlock. This is awesome.
-Haito accidentally BLASTED Austin in the jaw with his knee trying to cartwheel over on a wristlock evasion. It knocked him a little silly.
-Schiavone asked Heenan to compare Haito to Muta and Heenan had no idea what to say. Watch your tapes, Bobby.
-These two are getting a ton of time. They’ve gone over ten minutes with no commerical break.
-Haito just busted out a spinning wheel kick in the corner that looked like it killed Austin AND blasted the cameraman.
-Austin hit the Stun Gun out of nowhere, then busted out the Hollywood & Vine leglock for the victory. Solid match and easily the best on this week’s show so far since it got so much time (plus Austin & Paul Diamond are great), but Austin seemed to get knocked goofy by the cartwheel knee to the chin and it took something out of him.

They go to a promo from WCW Pro with Lord Steven Regal & Sir William being interviewed by Larry Zbyszko. Regal goes off about the Brady Bill and American health care before Zbyszko asks if Regal is scared of Pillman. Regal runs off speechless and Schiavone congratulates Zbyszko on standing up to Regal.

Lord STEVEN REGAL (w/Sir William) vs PEZ WHATLEY
-You tell ’em, kid…

-Whatley’s offense this match has consisted of shoulderblocks, followed by wacky strutting.
-Regal during this era seemed to get sweaty walking to the ring, let alone doing anything. He’s barely done ANYTHING and he’s completely covered in perspiration.
-Regal wins with his abdominal stretch cradle out of nowhere.

Gene Okerlund gets one last Hotline shill in before the main event…

“The Nature Boy” RIC FLAIR vs A GUY
-Flair shows up in one of his three-piece suits, as Steamboat is standing there with Gene. Flair said the opponent isn’t worth him putting on his gear.
-Flair gets a single-leg takedown, then puts the guy in a Figure Four leglock to get the win in seconds.

Flair won’t break the hold, so Steamboat jumps in the ring and demands he release the hold. Flair & Steamboat get in each other’s faces as Mike Graham & Greg Gagne jump in the ring to seperate the two…Flair goes for a slap and Steamboat goes NUTS! Flair calmly walks out of the ring as Steamboat has to be held back by a group of men.

That’s it for this week’s show. Nothing really standout, though the final angle was really creative for what it was. The wheels seem to be in motion for the big mid-year switch, so we should be in store for interesting shows in the coming weeks.

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