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by on April 27, 2011

Welcome to LIVEBLOG! I watch things, I type about those things, you read the things I type about the things I watch while I watch them! Simple algebra, really…

This week, I’m going to check out Jersey All Pro Wrestling’s 13th Anniversary: Night One. This featured, amongst other things, Jushin Liger being thrown into their annual “Best of the Junior six-way scramble match, plus Nick Gage, Jon Moxley, LuFisto, Rhino, Eddie Kingston and more people who wrestle and are famous for it. If you dig what you’re reading, head on over to, who should have the DVD of the event ready to sell to you.

Like always, if you have the DVD or even went to the show and got to see this live, PLEASE either comment on this blog or tweet me (@tomisnotgreat) with your thoughts. If you use the Twitter, you’d be a doll if you hashtagged it #SupportProWres. If you’re just going to chill here and look out for my thoughts, click under the cut and every 10-15 minutes, refresh the page to read more as I type it.

Without any further ado, let’s watch the show!


Sam Roberts & Mark Clemson start the show standing around lockers with this weird staticy border effect around the picture. I really would rather never hear Sam Roberts’ voice again, but I guess the Opie & Anthony thing does something for JAPW; I dunno. I’ve always liked Clemson a lot more than others though; he’s the voice for their product and even if he has a shortcoming or two, him being around for SO long gives him legitimacy that no one else could have over this product.

-This crowd looks TINY compared to what they usually draw in Rahway. That stinks.
-Moxley jumps Moore at the bell. Moxley looks pale as a ghost in this lighting.
-Really cool spot where Moore goes for a moonsault to the floor and Moxley catches him like he weighs ten pounds, then dumps him on the floor. I’m sure most wouldn’t bat an eyelash, but you’ve got to be a strong dude to catch a grown man like Moxley did.
-If this were parkour, Devon Moore would be ruling it. He’s done at least four backflips so far.
-Moxley goes over with the Hook ‘n’ Ladder facebuster in a a short opener. It was alright; nothing was really bad. It just didn’t blow me away (though Moore really is this weird wrestler, in that sometimes, like in this match, he seems super-underrated and like he’d be decent on the DGUSA/EVOLVE/ROH level, and at other times, he totally earns the bad rep some people have for him).

NICK GAGE vs RHINO (w/Jonny D.)
-The t-shirt budget at JAPW is obviously high, as Gage looks to be wearing a brand-new Nick Gage shirt (unlike at CZW, where I honestly would think sometimes he’d rob a corpse to get his ring gear).
-Jonny D. as a babyface manager after his work through the years and especially his recent stuff with the Southside Playaz Club, seems WEIRD.
-I’ve seen four middle fingers and this DVD isn’t even fifteen minutes in.
-Nick Gage and Rhino doing a straight-up match with wristlocks, headlocks and so on is kind of amusing, but honestly not as awkward as you’d think.
-Rhino’s ability to take a buckle is underrated. He takes solid front bumps when he gets whipped into the corner.
-“Rhino is not a human being…he’s a machine. He’s a beast!” Make up your mind, Sam Roberts.
-Brodie Lee runs in (wearing a Confederate flag cape) and after accidentally booting Nick Gage in the face, he starts fighting with Rhino. The referee just kind of stood there. I do not like this.
-Rhino beats Nick Gage (who kicked out at three to bury the finish) with the Gore after Brodie Lee wandered out of the ring with his thumb up his rear. The ring announcer announced the winner as the “ROAR MACHINE”, which would be a better nickname than “War Machine”.

CORVIS FEAR (w/Myke Quest) vs “Hollywood” JOE HARDWAY (w/Jonny D & the entire Southside Playaz Club crew)
-Fear’s entrance music was interesting. It was a lovely combo of 90’s puroresu synth entrance music and 70’s twangy rock.
-They edited out the long intro of the Southside Playaz Club’ entrance, so we got right to the part where the guys get to look like superstars. It’s been said before, but man ALIVE  guys need to learn from the SSPC on how to appear like stars on the indie wrestling level.
-Corvis Fear pulls Hardway out of the ring after the minutes-long entrance to start the match on the floor.
-With the long jacket, Hardway kind of resembles a 2011 Jimmy Garvin from the far-away hardcam.
-Hardway’s dropkick is not shabby.
-These two seem to like to do lots of moves with the opponent bridged across the ropes.
-Mo Sexton (the other member of the Playaz Club) stole Myke Quest’s crutch and gave it to Hardway to use on Fear, but Annie Social’s all like, “Nuh-uh!” and runs to ringside to stop the tomfoolery. Hardway turns around into an AR Fox-style back-springboard Ace Crusher for the win!
-Annie Social and Mia Yim then jump into the ring to BLAST EACH OTHER IN THE FACE. They’re killing each other with forearms. Awesome. I assume this whole deal sets up a mixed tag on the show the next day.

-I’m guessing Kalamity is a LuFisto friend/trainee, judging by her being announced from Montreal.
-I guess the winner of this faces Sara del Rey at the show the next day in Philadelphia.
-I believe LuFisto brought a baby doll of herself to the ring.
-Clemson just announced “anime” as “enemy” when reading off LuFisto’s nickname.
-This crowd is ridiculously quiet. It’s a shame, as this match has been alright so far.
-Kalamity really need to force her way out of pins when she kicks out; you can barely tell she moves.
-Between the post-match angle of the previous match and this match, JAPW seems to bring out the need to forearm other ladies REALLY STINKIN’ HARD IN THE FACE out of women.
-In terms of pure form, LuFisto might have the best corner cannonball in wrestling.
-I’m in awe of how hard these two are hitting each other. This is absurd.
-Kalamity almost dropped LuFisto on a Ki Krusher and it would’ve been something fierce if she did.
-LuFisto beats Kalamity with a choke. It went a little long, but if you just want to watch two women hit each other in the face, this is your deal.

Eddie Kingston is standing by with Sam Roberts before the show. Kingston is wearing a fantastic old-school literacy promotional shirt. He briefly brings up Necro, but spends most of the promo making fun of Mark Clemson and throws in a shot at CZW.

-Necro tries choking Kingston out at the bell with his t-shirt (yep, Necro’s working topless).
-They’re already on the floor, exchanging big ol’ chops.
-This is the first time I’ve seen these two wrestle where Necro was the heel, so this is an interesting dynamic.
-Kingston just about caved in Necro’s face with the running jacuzzi boot.
-It’s bizarre seeing Necro getting a similar reaction for taking the top rope Flair bump onto a chair inside the ring that he did to any number of ridiculous bumps he was taking even a few years ago. Good for him; life preservation is important.
-Necro FINALLY WINS A MATCH WITH THE BARFIGHT. He NAILED Kingston in the face with a hook that sent Kingston down for the three-count. This match was notable for that finish, but unfortunately not much else. A slower-paced match in front of a crowd that wasn’t having it.

Necro grabs the microphone after the match. He called Kingston “an opponent of questionable ethnicity”.He told Brodie he found the roughest, toughest “brown fella” he could find from “deepest, darkest Puerto Rico”. Wow…

-For some reason, they brought up the lights like it’s intermission or something. Pinkie came out wearing the Pink Ant mask.
-Brodie wins in under ten seconds with the big boot, setting up a run-in from Rhino to promote the Lee/Rhino title match in Philadelphia. HUGE mele where they empty the locker room to pull these guys apart, but they keep running at each other. Jonathan Gresham coming out reminds me of them cutting his match off of the DVD, which just makes me sad.

Sami Callihan & Chris Dickenson (who’s cut out the yelling garbage) cut a promo on the reuniting Hit Squad backstage. Sami was a little too “laughing because I’m OMG craaaaaazy!” for my tastes, but shockingly tolerable considering how Sami can be sometimes and Dickenson’s reputation.

We cut to a Hit Squad promo. Danny Maff has what looks to be a freshly-printed Repeat Offenders t-shirt. If they’re reprinting them, I absolutely want one. Monsta Mack seems like a cool dude and he’s funny, but his resemblance to a potato BEGS to be mentioned. Apparently, God took the day off on this night so Da Hit Squad could beat up Callihan & Dickenson, according to Maff. Danny Maff legitimately has the coolest promo voice in all of modern wrestling.

JAPW Tag Team Titles: THE U.S. DEATH MACHINE (Sami Callihan & Chris Dickenson) (c) vs DA HIT SQUAD (Monsta Mack & Dan Maff)
-They’re pulling DOORS out from under the ring. Doors.
-Maff starts the match with an EPIC tope suicida! Dude flew like he was half the size he is!
-Early on, they’re teasing tossing Sami across the building with the gorilla press like they used to at the old JAPW Bayonne building.
-Maff just went through one of the doors on a missed spear, but got right up and cannonballed Sami through the other one! I’m a stickler about selling and all of that jazz, but that spot was awesome.
-This is such an awesome, wild brawl. Objects flying everywhere, bodies flying everywhere, blood, big hits…I love it.
-Neat spot where Mack was laying underneath the bottom rope and Sami hit the Austin Aries-style heat-seeking missile (low tope suicida) dive onto Maff on the floor.
-Callihan & Dickenson start hitting each other to pump themselves up as they have Da Hit Squad down. Um…not a fan.
-Now they’re out in the crowd, with the Death Machine singling-out Monsta Mack. One good thing about this: unlike most groups, JAPW turns on the house lights when guys fight in the crowd so you can see what’s going on.
-Dickenson just busted out a move that was a combo of Low Ki’s double stomp and that one time when Samoa Joe did the running kick down the bleachers to Sting on the TNA pay-per-view in Chicago. ‘Twas insane.
-Mafia comes back on both Death Machine members, then Mack grabs the microphone and yells “WALL! WALL!” as Mafiai starts to bring Dickenson & Callihan to the wall on the side of the building.
-Both heels get thrown into the wall and Callihan leaves some ugly-looking black stain. Not nearly the reaction you’d think since this building is approximately five hundred times the size of the Bayonne building, so only one-fifth of the crowd could see it.
-And with that, Da Hit Squad win the belts from the Death Machine. A really great, wild brawl that I absolutely think is worth hunting out, especially if you’re an old-school Hit Squad fan. Loved it.

They spliced in a post-show promo from the U.S. Death Machine, trash-talking their opponents for the next day: the Briscoe Brothers. I hate the placement of it. They were just down and destroyed a minute ago and to have to adjust your brain to hours later immediately…just too much for me.

Azrieal is standing by with Clemson before the show (even more timeline issues), talking about keeping his belt in the six-way. He more or less said that Liger is an equal, but the rest don’t matter.

Sam Roberts is standing by with Jushin Liger, which is something I never thought I’d type. Liger cuts a REALLY soft-spoken promo in Japanese.

Best of the Junior Heavyweights:
-Kenny Omega was never a tiny guy, but he looks like Lex Luger compared to his former self. Jeez.
-Looks like the story of the match will be Azrieal versus the world.
-Kenny Omega endears himself to me early with the Norman Smiley-style bodyslam.
-Generico and Omega look unreal working together. Great opponents for each other.
-Jushin Liger doing the traditional rope-running/headscissors-heavy spots that guys do in these scrambles is just bizarre.
-Bandido busted out one of the fastest-looking tope suicidas I’ve ever seen, on Azrieal.
-Bandido’s 2003 Sal Rinauro-style long yellow tights are great.
-Liger and Omega exchanged palm strikes and poses in an amusing comedy spot.
-B-Boy SLAUGHTERS Bandido Jr. with a Death Valley Driver on the apron!
-I enjoyed B-Boy’s spot where he slid under Azrieal slinging himself over in the corner to land it into an Ace Crusher.
-Azrieal eliminted Bandido Jr. after El Generico gave Bandido the turnbuckle brainbuster.
-B-Boy eliminates Generico with the Shining Wizard to groans from the crowd.
-Azrieal eliminates B-Boy with a baby superkick. The eliminations were pretty much rapid-fire to this point.
-Azrieal BRAINS Omega on a top rope double-stomp to the back of the head.
-Liger beats Omega with the Liger Bomb to leave it down to Liger and Azrieal, which is something else I never thought I’d type.
-Liger beats Azrieal with a top rope brainbuster and you’ve NEVER seen a man more happy to become the champion of New Jersey. His celebration is hilarious and incredible.
-They tease a Liger/Azrieal singles match in the future with TENSION during the post-match handshake.

The DVD ends with a promo from Liger backstage, who really does seem to excited beyond belief to win this belt. “Who numba one? Liger yes?”.

Overall, not the strongest show I’ve covered on LIVEBLOG. But, I absolutely think you should head out of your way to see the U.S. Death Machine/Hit Squad brawl, as I loved it to death, and Liger in general on this show was odd enough that it’s worth seeing.

I’ll try to review Night 2 sometime next week. I don’t know if I’ll have the time period to do LIVEBLOG next week, but somehow, I’ll try to sneak it in.

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