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Introducing…the BRAD MADDOX REALITY SHOW (w/video)

by on April 26, 2011

I included something about this in Promo Roundup a couple of weeks ago, but I really wanted to give attention to Florida Championship Wrestling’s Brad Maddox, who is taking the Zack Ryder “internet show” concept to the next level.

Ryder’s show has gotten attention because he often uses it to bring attention to the fact that he’s trying to constantly take the ball, but WWE won’t give it to him. Plus, it’s unique seeing a WWE-contracted wrestler go to Youtube and do things outside of the bubble. While I adore Zack Ryder and Z! True Long Island Story, it’s still kind of “wrestling-funny”, where if it wasn’t within the context of wrestling, there would be moments of it where it’d probably be hideous to sit through. I don’t mean this as a bash, because again, it is REALLY entertaining.

Enter The Brad Maddox Reality Show. Maddox, an Ohio Valley Wrestling graduate who was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment in 2010, arguably didn’t have many attributes that stood out. He’s a good-looking white dude in good shape with short, brown hair. He’s not a blowaway wrestler and he’s not going to be the next Steve Austin. So, instead of just sitting back and whining because he sees himself wasting away in FCW (or however the guys down there think of it), he decided to use what seems to be easily his finest attribute: his creativity.

The Brad Maddox Reality Show debuted on Florida Championship Wrestling television a couple of weeks ago (and soon thereafter on Youtube) and is probably the most entertaining thing to come out of WWE’s developmental system in years. It’s very much E!’s The Soup meets TMZ meets any of a number of shows from Adult Swim, with elements of Pee Wee’s Playhouse and pro wrestling thrown in. In two 3-minute episodes, he’s managed to not only get himself over as this snarmy television personality, but he’s given Peter Orlov a chance to portray a movie start character that chances are he’d never get the time to get comfortable with on television, he’s gotten Husky Harris the chance to gain personality he’s never shown in six months of WWE television and he’s furthered the Bo Rotundo/Lucky Cannon FCW Title feud. He’s done all of that in SIX MINUTES TOTAL, in addition to him or whoever’s helping him write these shows being creatively blessed enough to write legitimately hilarious material that you could probably throw on any number of niche cable television stations and would fit in.

In my opinion (unless they’re just giving him time in developmental to work out the kinks before they put it on TV), WWE is missing the boat on this moreso than half of their young guys who are complaining and reaching for chances. They want to be entertainment; they want to be more like a television show. Maddox has included modern humor and videography techniques (i.e.: him shooting some of the FCW shows on a handheld camera like he’s a paparazzi) into a package that’s seemed to be VERY successful on television (the clip show/Soup package) AND he’s managing to get different’ guys’ personalities across. That’s a proverbial gold mine for their mindset.

So, check it out for yourself. If you have any comments or disagreements, either hit me up on Twitter (@tomisnotgreat) or leave a comment. Video of the two episodes thus far are below…



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