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Episode 34: The Strange Journey of Tripp Cassidy – Part One

by on April 26, 2011

Episode 34 – \”The Strange Journey of Tripp Cassidy (Part One)\” – Download

This week, we present a new series within our podcast series, as we’d like you to get to know Indiana-based independent wrestler Tripp Cassidy. We featured Tripp in our 10 for ’11 breakout indie wrestling class a little while back, but we think he’s got the potential to break out in a big way in the next couple of years.
He’s wrestled for Insanity Pro out of Indianapolis, amongst other Midwestern groups thus far, and he came on to talk about those, as well as driving almost cross-country just for the chance to help out and learn at King of Trios, the legend of AKIRA TATSU, whether he’s related to Steve Armstrong alter-ego Lance Cassidy, how important respect is, his ambitions/dreams and much more! Tripp will be back on every couple of months or so as his career progresses so you, I and everyone else can follow his career grow!
Approximate time: 39 minutes.
(P.S.: Mike would like to remind you all that, “ELIZABETH WAS MIIIIIIINE!”.)

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