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4/25 DYNAMIC DEBUT MONDAY Match of the Day: CM Punk vs Justin Credible

by on April 25, 2011

Today, we begin a new weekly feature for Match of the Day: DYNAMIC DEBUT MONDAY. There’s been a LOT of great debuts that wrestlers have had in various promotions and it’s always fun to see a guy in a new situation for the first time, right? We’ve decided to honor this situation every Monday morning so that we at Mike & Tom Present… can give you a pick-me-up to the beginning of your work-week.

The inaugural Dynamic Debut Match of the Day comes from the August 1, 2006 episode of ECW on Sci-Fi, also known as “The Night Batista & The Big Show Pooped a Turd in the Hammerstein Ballroom”. However, on the opposite side, an independent wrestling darling made his television debut on this night in front of the perfect audience for him to work in front of: the hardcore, diehard, majority-internet wrestling fan contingent that shunned everything else on the show.

The match itself probably wasn’t the greatest, but the crowd being so ridiculously hot that the spectacle of it makes it much, much more entertaining. Arguably, if it hadn’t been for this shooting Punk off like a rocket, he might not be where he is today (though I’m sure he’d persevere, scrape and claw his way up, so it’s probably a moot point).

Under the cut, you can watch the full match!

(Credit to Mike for the match choice today.)


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