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LIVE COVERAGE: HWA Heartland Cup Night 2 (complete results)

by on April 23, 2011

Welcome to our live coverage of the first annual Heartland Cup, brought by the Heartland Wrestling Association! If you didn’t catch it, you can read our coverage of the first night by clicking here. Tonight (besides non-tournament action), here’s what we have to look forward to:

BJ Whitmer vs Gerome Phillips
“The New Horror” Sami Callihan vs Necro Butcher
Tim Donst vs Zack Sabre, Jr.
Paul Burchill vs Jake Crist

The winner of Whitmer/Phillips will face the winner of Sami/Necro, and the winner of Donst/Sabre faces the winner of Burchill/Crist, with those winners meeting in the finals. For more information on the HWA, please head over to

Without any further ado: the coverage begins under the cut!

1.) Jesse Emerson d. Juice Jennings

– Jennings is making his HWA debut. Juice is still relatively new to the business and he’s having a good showing so far against Emerson.

– Emerson wins with the Alabama Slam.

2.) 10 in ’11 Class Member Reed Bentley NC Clark Konnor

– Gerome Phillips makes his way out to the ring.

– Bentley hits the Italian Leatherface. A move Nick must go in further detail about.

– Phillips is pacing around the ring. Phillips hits the ring.

– Phillips hits Konnor with a lariat. Bentley takes a sick belly to belly suplex. Phillips calls out BJ. BJ comes out and the fight is on!


– BJ hits a suplex on the floor. They get back in the ring and exchange strikes. BJ is in control with a flying kick.

– Cross body off the top from BJ gets two. Phillips gets up and hits his second big lariat of the night.

– Phillips misses a big senton from the middle. BJ hits a HUGGGGEEEE superplex off the top with both men standing for a two.

– Phillips grabs the rope as BJ goes for a sunset flip, pins BJ. Ref notices him holding the rope, kicks his hand off, and BJ rolls him up for the pin.


– Back and forth chain wrestling. Plenty of submission attempts. Maniwa describes it “as awesome as you’d expect”.

– They both have each other in a leglock. Donst says look behind you. Zack says that he’s not falling for it. Donsts insists. Zack looks and it’s the ropes. Rope break.

– No more fun and games. Sabre asks for a handshake and Donst blows it off. Sabre is working the arm.

– Donst hits Sabre with a german right on his head. Sabre kicks out and immediately goes for an armbar.

– Zack goes for a tornado DDT. Donst reverses hits a DVD for a close two.

– Zack hits Donst with a bridging pin to advance to the semifinals.


Calf kick followed by a spin kick from Jake. Feeling each other out. Jake just bridged out of this hold and it looked crazy. Burchill hits a Saito suplex.

– They both trade European uppercuts. Jakes goes for one, Burchill grabs his arm and hits a DDT.

– Jake hits a suicide dive to get back on offense. He hits a super kick combo and gets the pin on Burchill!

6.) HEARTLAND CUP QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Sami Callihan d. Necro Butcher

– HWA officials make this match NO DQ. Brawl starts. Six chairs thrown in the ring, Little kids are screaming at the top of their lungs.

– Finally back in the ring. They’re exchanging hard chops. Sami stomps Necro’s feet. Necro turns Sami inside out with a chop. Necro slams Sami on the chairs.

– Sami tries a slam on the chairs. Necro is too heavy. Necro misses an elbow drop and hits the chairs. Side suplex from Sami to Necro. Sami puts a chair on Necro’s legs and hits it with another chair.

– Sami goes for the stretch muffler. Necro fights his way out. Necro hits a punch than hits a tigerbomb on the chairs.

– Sami hits a super plex off the top onto the chairs for a close two. Necro goes for a sunset flip and Sami sits down to get the pin!

7.) Noble Bloods: Matt Taylor & Chad Cruise d. Heat Seekers: Jeremy Madrox & Kaden Assad (c)

– Tag titles are NOT on the line. Taylor had Assad over his knees and Cruise jumped in with a sweet double foot stomp. Seekers now back in control.

– Cruise hits a pumphandle suplex. It’s a formulaic Memphis style tag match but little kids in attendance love it. Hot tag to Taylor who is a house of fire.

– Noble Bloods get distracted by their former manager. Danny O’Brien Heat Seekers sneak out of the ring and take the countout loss. Noble Bloods win by count out.

8.) HEARTLAND CUP SEMIFINAL MATCH: Jake Crist d. Zack Sabre Jr.

– Exciting action early on. They have a stand off. Jake tells Zack he’s awesome.

– Maniwa reiterates whats been said many times: more people need to get on the Irish Airborne bandwagon. Great match so far.

– Huge Ole kick by Zack. Zack tries an armbar but Jake gets to the ropes. Brainbuster by Jake.

– Jake defeats Zack with an arm trapped triangle. Awesome match. Best of the night so far.

9.) HEARTLAND CUP SEMIFINAL MATCH: Sami Callihan d. BJ Whitmer

– Early on, what you would expect from these guys. Lots of clubbin and clobberin strikes to each other.

– Sami has BJ face down with his arms trapped and is forearming him.

Sami hits a bicycle kick but runs into an exploder for a two.

German then Dragon suplex combo from Whitmer for a two. Sami hits a running forearm for a close two. Sami grabs the rope after a flying knee and BJ replies “Are you shitting me?!” when the ref says two. The ref eats a dropkick from Sami off the top.

Sami hits a kick to the balls as the ref is down and then locks in the stretch muffler. BJ gets out of it with face kicks.

BJ hits the flatliner then Peruvian necktie but Gerome Phillips comes in and hits BJ with the belt. Sami gets put on top for the win.

10.) Dustin Rayz d. Rich Swann vs. Alex Colon vs. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Dave Crist vs. Jon Murray

– One fall bout, under lucha rules.

– Loads of action as expected. Too much to call. Everyone gets taken out by dives.

– Hayme hits a giant corkscrew moonsault on everyone. Everyone down in the ring.

– Craziness in the ring. Murray hits a moonsault on Colon. Rayz hits a pumphandle slam on Murray. Rayz gets taken down by a flatliner. Hayme hits a 450 on Rayz.  Colon with a standing 450 on Hayme. Colon hits a dropkick on Swann and Crist hits a brainbuster on Swann.

– Rayz hits a double underhook piledriver on Crist off middle rope for the pin. “Fucking nuts” says Maniwa.

Please note this event is being taped by Swerve Video and will soon be distributed on – the MVPs of indy wrestling DVDs.

11.) HEARTLAND CUP FINAL: Jake Crist d. Sami Callihan

– Hot action so far. Jake hits a suicide dive followed by a moonsault. Sami suplexes Jake on the apron.

Sami hits a bootscrape and yells WHO’S THE MAN?! Only Maniwa got the reference.

Sami is the first guy all weekend to kick out of Jake’s superkick combo!

– Another superkick combo with an extra kick followed by a brainbuster gets a close two for Jake. Jake hits another brainbuster for two.

Jake locks Sami in a triangle choke. After three failed attempts at breaking it, he finally taps!  JAKE CRIST WINS THE HEARTLAND CUP!

– Danny O’Brien, a heel manager in HWA, comes out and says Marcus Anthony should of won. Jon Moxley comes out and throws a chair at him, Sabu style.

– Moxley announces Jake as the Heartland Cup winner to end the show. Thank You Both chants from the crowd at Sami and Jake.

– Awesome show notes Maniwa. Definitely worth a purchase on Smart Mark on DVD when it comes out.

  1. We got clarification: the Italian Leatherface is a flying boot to the face.


  2. Maniwa permalink

    That is correct. A kick to the gut, bounce off the other rope and do a flying boot to the head.

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