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by on April 22, 2011

Welcome to our live coverage of the first annual Heartland Cup, presented by the Heartland Wrestling Association! Tonight in Owensville, Ohio, the eight first round matches of the tournament will take place! Tonight, you can expect…

-BJ Whitmer vs Jimmy Jacobs
-Gerome Phillips vs Chrisjen Hayme
-Dave Crist vs Sami Callihan
-Ron Mathis vs Necro Butcher
-Jesse Emerson vs Paul Burchill
-Jake Crist vs Rich Swann
-Dustin Rayz vs Zack Sabre, Jr.
-Tim Donst vs Jeremy Madrox
-NON-TOURNAMENT: Alex Colon vs Sid Fabulous

Big thanks to our buddy Nick Maniwa, who is at the show live and will be providing results and details as the show goes down. Without any further ado, results begin under the cut!

Everyone who should be there, is there. The event T-Shirts with all the names are correct for once.

JON MOXLEY is your host for the Heartland Cup. He has on a green tuxedo shirt.

1.) American Luchacore Title: Sid Fabolous (c) d. Alex Colon

– Sid did a tope and hit his back on the apron. ROUGH!

– Colon hit a brutal seated superkick. Sid hit a powerbomb with a folding press for a two count.

– Sid retains with a run off the back kick to the head for the pin.

Maniwa notes a good crowd on hand tonight, even though there’s “crazy rain” outside.

Mike is not happy with the Flyers at the present time.

2.) HEARTLAND CUP FIRST ROUND: Jake Crist d. Rich Swann

– Swann comes out dancing. He is “by way of Ohio” for the next two nights.

– Swann hits a sweet leap of faith rana ala Jigsaw followed by a running shooting star press.

– Jake advances to the quarterfinals with a superkick combo that kicks Swann’s face off.

3.) HEARTLAND CUP FIRST ROUND: Gerome Phillips d. Chrisjen Hayme

– Some of you may remember Hayme from Chikara’s Young Lions Cup last August, losing to Amasis in the first round. He also worked for Indianapolis’ Insanity Pro Wrestling.

– Hayme hits a baseball slide followed by a corkscrew moonsault to the floor.

– Phillips recovers and hits a belly to belly suplex in the corner. Phillips hits a sideslam on the apron.

– Hayme with a mushroom stomp for a close two. Phillips with a boost samona for two. Hayme with a sunset bomb then hits the 450. Phillips kicks out!

– Mike doesn’t know what a boost samona is.

– Hayme takes a lariat. Phillips with a tiger bomb immediately into a Texas cloverleaf (on MALENKO FRIDAY!) for the submission.

Jon Moxley immensely enjoying the hamburgers at the concession stand.


– Lots of chain wrestling early. Feeling each other out.

– Two big dudes clubbin’ each other. Emerson hits a big urange.

– Burchill takes the post hard. Emerson hits a Randy Savage double axe handle to the outside.

– Burchill wins with a jumping flatliner, also known as “That Thing Shelton Does”.

Mox comes out and does a PSA on Necro. Very funny stuff, says Maniwa.

5.) HEARTLAND CUP FIRST ROUND: Necro Butcher d. Ron Mathis

– Mathis jumps Necro before the bell. Brawling over the building already.

– Necro puts a bag over Mathis’ head. Then threw a trash can at it.

– Necro attempts a powerbomb through the music table. Mathis tries a suplex through it, but Necro reverese with a small package. Necro then hits a HUGE chop.

– Necro with an airplane spin through the crowd. Necro has busted Mathis open.

-Mathis hits a falcon arrow on the floor for his first two count. He goes for the Katsahajime in the ring and they roll to the floor, creating a huge crash. Necro gives Mathis a backdrop on the floor. THUD.

-Necro hits the chair slam on the floor.

-NECRO IS WEARING DX MARKERS. Yep. Necro brings back the Violence Party and it is, “INSAAAAAAAAANE”. Nick, being the dastardly heel that he is, gives Necro another chair to use.

-Necro wins with the tigerbomb after a knockout punch. I guess the aformentioned Violence Party was quite rough for Mr. Mathis. Really rough. Mathis was bleeding from the mouth.

INTERMISSION! While you’re resting and taking a break, Rich Swann is hard at work selling his pictures.

6.) HEARTLAND CUP FIRST ROUND: Tim Donst d. Jeremy Madrox

-Donst came out to the old-school Beverly Hills 90210 song.

-Madrox goes for the wristlock, Donst turns so he can’t wring it and reverses into a mustache wring (Madrox’s mustache is GIGANTIC).

-Donst busted out a dive.

-Donst gets jumped on the outside by Kaadan Asad (Madrox’s partner in the HWA tag team championship team The Heatseekers). Small children are screaming for their lives, but can’t get the ref’s attention.

-“Madrox calls for Plan B, and he doesn’t mean birth control” – Nick.  Assad tries running more interference to distract the referee. Donst reverses a punch with a fireman’s lift (which he uses to knock Assad off the apron) into a death valley driver for the win!!

7. HEARTLAND CUP FIRST ROUND:  Zack Sabre, Jr. d. Dustin Rayz

-“That’s how Englands do it!” -A child on how British men supposedly hold hands, during the opening knucklelock.

-Sabre is looking ridiculously smooth against Rayz.

-Smooth back-and-forth match; very submission and catch-based. Rayz just BLASTED Sabre with a lariat.

-Sabre was working on the arm. He tried a MINORU SPECIAL IN THE ROPES. Rayz hit a sick neckbreaker upon the break.

-Sabre, Jr. goes over out of the Russ Abbott Special sequence into a folding press. Really good match.

8. HEARTLAND CUP FIRST ROUND: Sami Callihan d. Dave Crist

-Sami looked JACKED; “like a million bucks”, says Nick.

-Match starts hot and heavy! They brawl! Intensity! Sami breaks Dave’s nose on a missed chop!

-Dave sends Sami to the floor and hits a running dive! Sami recooperates and BUSTS HIS HAND on the ringpost going for a chop!

-Sami took a Shining Arachnid kick (one and a half rotation spinning wheel kick) RIGHT ON THE CHIN! These two are beating each other to oblivion!

-Nearfall from Dave after a one-man Spanish Fly! Dave hits a Northern Lights suplex rolled through into a falcon arrow…only for TWO!


9. HEARTLAND CUP FIRST ROUND: BJ Whitmer d. Jimmy Jacobs

-Jimmy wore a HUGE fur coat to the ring. He’s also wearing a pink and purple armband that says “Sweeney Love”.

-Jimmy asked for a handshake to signify things were cool between them. BJ gives him the finger.

-They’re feeling each other out, but it’s good so far. Photo from the match:

-Jimmy tells a small child who claimed that only little people brag, that he “backs it up”, then thrusts his pelvis. He follows up by starting a “I AM SPECIAL!” chant for himself.

-BJ comes back with a HUGE spinebuster!

-Jimmy kicks out of a non-wrist clutch Exploder, then spears BJ for two!

-Jimmy gets the End Time out of a tornado DDT, but BJ reverses with the Northern Lights…but Jimmy holds onto the choke! BJ tries throwing Jimmy out of the ring, but he holds on and they both spill to the floor!

-BJ wins with a Peruvian necktie! He locked it in after a superplex that both guys recovered from!

-The show ends with a big pullapart between rivals BJ Whitmer & Gerome Phillips! They meet tomorrow night!


That’s it for our coverage! Check back tomorrow night at around 7:00 PM EST, where we will once again have live coverage of the second night as it goes down! These quarter-final matches are happening…

-BJ Whitmer vs Gerome Phillips
-Sami Callihan vs Necro Butcher
-Paul Burchill vs Jake Crist
-Tim Donst vs Zack Sabre, Jr

Plus, a little birdie on my shoulder tells me there might be non-tournament competition, as well as the semifinals and finals! Come back tomorrow to!

(Special thanks to Nick Maniwa for providing us with the details for both tonight and tomorrow night!)

  1. Maniwa permalink

    Boost up Samoan Drop, sorry about that.

    Necro had on DX boxers. Not sure where I got markers, haha.

  2. The Crist Swann match was amazing.

    Also Can’t get over the spot where Donst was riding on Madrox’s back (piggy back style) using Madrox’s mustache like handle bars around the outside of the ring yelling “Free Mustache rides” Hilarious.

    Great Night one and I’m guessing night two is going to be sick.

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