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4/20 Match of the Day: Sal Rinauro vs Kyle Matthews

by on April 20, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day features a guy that I’ve personally adored since 2001, when he broke onto the NWA Wildside scene as one-half of G-Rated, Kid Xctasy. Nowadays, the former two-time Wildside Rookie of the Year is known as Sal Rinauro and has gotten some publicity for his role in the documentary Wrestling Road Diaries, which documented him doing a week’s worth of indie wrestling shows with Colt Cabana and WWE’s Daniel Bryan (then-known as Bryan Danielson). Rinauro’s also gotten some notoriety in the past couple of years for doing short squash matches on Ring of Honor’s television show and short comedy matches during his one-weekend Chikara stint.

The match we’re featuring today has him pitted against Kyle Matthews (a REALLY underrated junior heavyweight from Georgia who was a standout on a couple of pre-shows for Dragon Gate USA on Wrestlemania weekend, as well as having recently toured for Zero-1MAX in Japan) from Rampage Pro Wrestling this past summer. It’s a really solid match with lots of action that proves that, while Sal’s GREAT at being the comedy fodder/enhancement guy, he can really work when he wants to.

You can see the entire match under the cut!


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