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’94 WCW BLOGJECT: 3/19/94

by on April 18, 2011


Bobby Heenan has legitimately worn the same suit three weeks in a row.

Go back to last Monday’s WCW Blogject and compare.


-Somehow, Fargo is still the sleaziest-looking fellow to do that pose.
-Fargo has a ripped hole in one of the legs of his tights that looks like he just doesn’t take good care of it. I wish he’d stop moving so I could get a good screenshot of it.
-If Dustin Rhodes becomes an agent, I’ll be happy if only because he’ll be teaching people how to do his great side suplex, most likely.
-Dustin goes over with the bulldog, obviously. The most entertaining part of the match was Bobby Heenan explaining how Bunkhouse Buck would start his Saturday night entertainment (beating up people in Austin, Texas) on Tuesday afternoon and end at Sunday around 3:30 PM.

Dustin joins Gene Okerlund at the interview area. They’re setting up the Buck/Dustin feud. It sucks that people would compare Dusitn to his dad constantly because Dustin was a GREAT promo on his own.


-They set up plants to rush Rick Rude during his entrance, then Rude gave one an autograph and kissed her so well that she assumedly died. They absolutely played this up like Rude was hot stuff, so I assumedly would believe they knew he was turning babyface soon for the Vader feud.
-Rude finishes him in NO time with the Rude Awakening (so quickly that they didn’t bother setting his music back to the beginning). He looked like he was in SO much pain whenever he’d move.

-Rude is standing by with Gene Okerlund. Sting got mobbed by the same women (so they’re loose ladies?) (I just wanted to say “loose ladies”). Turns out the women were planted plants, in that the autograph was written on a contract for a WCW International Title match. Sting even threatened to prank call Rude since he left his phone number on there.

-Apparently “John Hancock” was too vulgar for WCW TV, since Okerlund said Sting got Rick Rude to sign his “John Henry” on the contract.
-They announce the Muta/Austin match for Spring Stampede.
-Gene announcing the Nasty Boys/Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne Chicago Streetfight being announced for the pay-per-view earlier in the weekend made me think back to a simpler time, where you’d watch the Saturday morning show to hear what they had announced, then by the Sunday evening show, you had it embedded in your brain that these matches were going down at the pay-per-view.
-Cactus Jack cut a promo by himself with his moobs hanging out…

-If you really watch Gene Okerlund’s hand gestures during these Control Center segments closely, they’re really lewd.

-It exposes the idea of putting plants in the crowd when you reveal that Sting’s ladies were planted plants, but they’re still in the crowd cheering and booing.
-Arn Anderson and the artist formerly known as Henry Godwin totally just did the dropdown-roll over the dude doing the monkey flip-bi paso opening spot that you see 90% of rookie indie guys do these days.
-Pierce needed to learn where the heck the cameras were. He absolutely just called Arn’s comeback towards the camera (and every time he’d try to turn, there’d be another camera there to shoot it AND they’d cut to it without fail).
-They used a cute little story for this match where Pierce kept powering out of the DDT, so at one point, Arn hooked him for a suplex to fake him out so he could go into the DDT, but Shanghai reversed the suplex.
-Arn FINALLY got the DDT out of nowhere, but Pierce wasn’t weakened at all, so Arn didn’t even bother for the pin.
-Arn got the win with the spinebuster (and he had been using that in his squash matches around this time, so I think either he or someone in WCW thought the DDT was a weak finish, so he was re-establishing the spinebuster. FINE match; nothing that’ll stand out, but well-performed pro wrestling.

A replay of the Hogan interview (edited to where they ask Hogan about coming back to the ring) is played after, leading to a Ric Flair interview to answer it. They do a GREAT job saying JUST enough about Hogan to get people excited while getting over the story they’re building for the Steamboat match (Flair’s a little peeved at his friend, but is mostly overlooking him for Hogan so you get the hope that Steamboat will win the belt).

Col. Robert Parker comes out by himself to introduce his charge for this match…

-They’re hyping the crap out of Hogan responding to Flair’s comments next week in a taped interview.
-Tom Torres might be the first enhancement guy I’ve ever seen try to kick out of moves at one.
-Austin wins with a brutal Stun Gun before Bobby Heenan could bust out more than one of the lines out of his Tito Santana Racist Joke Book.

Gene Okerlund hypes details of Hulk Hogan’s personal life on the WCW Hotline. That would’ve been much more interesting in 2009 than 1994.

RICKY “The Dragon” STEAMBOAT vs “Pretty” PAUL ROMA
-They kind of promoted this as Ricky Steamboat “in action”, almost like Roma had somehow fallen into enhancement status.
-Showing not even the great Ricky Steamboat is above the little cheap tricks you use to get heat, he paraded around with a planted “Paulina” sign before the match.
-Paul Roma just got so much air on a dropkick that he almost kicked Steamboat in the throat with his bottom foot.
-Ricky Steamboat’s the only guy ever who’s so good at selling that he makes getting up after getting an elbow dropped on him work.
-Steamboat called out Ric Flair by putting a Figure Four on Roma (and if you’re wondering, even in 1994 he screwed it up, so the Jericho thing wasn’t a one-off occurance).
-The crowd warms my heart by chanting “LET’S GO STEAMBOAT”, but replacing the claps with “HOOT HOOT!”
-Steamboat goes over by reversing a suplex over the ropes and back into the ring into a lateral press. It’s followed by the single most adorable moment in the history of this show:

Steamboat talks with “Mean” Gene, which brings out Ric Flair. Flair might be the first man in wrestling history to actually be mad that someone else used his move. Steamboat warns him not to overlook him since he beat him in 1989 (history in wrestling!)

-This is the first week that they didn’t JUST butcher D’Amore’s last name, they changed it completely (note: he looks like what I imagine Chikara’s Scott “Jagged” Parker would have looked like as a child):

-For some reason, Buck’s wrestling with a button-up shirt over his signature white shirt.
-Schiavone said that Buck doesn’t know any wrestling holds…as Buck has D’Amore in a half-nelson amateur sugar hold.
-Either Buck threw the best worked punches ever or he broke D’Amore’s jaw on the finish (yes, the finish was a wild punch to the face).
-Buck ties D’Amore like cattle after the match.
Col. Parker cuts a promo after the match about getting revenge on Dustin Rhodes after Dustin shoved a cigar in his face in 1993. Buck gets called in to talk for himself and shows himself to be the single most convincing Tennessee blue-collar worker in the history of acting.

-Bob Cook is back! REJOICE! AND HE GOT A TAN!

-Heenan: “I asked the Boss about what he does for defense. He said, ‘It depends on how big the yard is.'”
-Bob Cook is so incredible that the announcers are putting over how great his right hand punches are.
-These two are trading punches and it’s AWESOME. I LOVE THIS.
-Cook just bumped for an Irish whip into the corner by DOING A FRONT FLIP. This is incredible.
-Boss goes over via Bossman slam in a freakin’ WAR of a two-minute match. This might be my favorite enhancement match since I started doing this weeks ago.

-Ironically, Mr. Ryzing wrestled Sonny Rogers in his WWF TV debut match in 1995 (I think it’s on his most recent DVD set).
-Ryzing busted out a really rough version of the Iconoclasm, of all manuevers.
-Sonny must have been a really nice dude, since he did TV jobs for YEARS for both the WWF and WCW, but bumped like a sack of hot garbage.
-Ryzing just tried dropping an elbow on Rogers’ thigh, but totally looked like he just fell full-force on his junk.
-Ryzing wins with the inverted Indian Deathlock after working over the leg for most of the match. I will say this: Ryzing had improved one-hundred percent from his first TV match where he couldn’t even tell you where the cameras were, let alone work towards them.

Gene Okerlund’s with Lord Steven Regal and Sir William at the interview set. They show an angle from WCW Worldwide where Regal piledrove Pillman onto that spinining circle deal they had the ring up on at Disney/MGM Studios.

STING vs “Mr. Wonderful” PAUL ORNDORFF
-They went to commercial, Orndorff and Sting made their entrances and they go STRAIGHT back to commercial. It’s not like anyone ever accused Eric Bischoff of knowing how to time television shows.
-They’re going back and forth working each other’s arms. The only notable spot is Sting going around in a circle doing a wristlock, causing Orndorff to do a wacky pee-pee dance.
-Heenan jumps into his veteran pants on commentary to lecture the youngsters on how to work holds.
-Sting somehow got busted open off of a headlock takedown.
-Rick Rude arrives at ringside in a TOTALLY 90’s windbreaker.

-Sting purposely throws Paul Orndorff over the top rope to get disqualfied, so he can go after Rick Rude.
-Paul Roma runs out to jump Sting, but Sting overcomes both members of Pretty Wonderful.
-Hot finish after the match, but they did NOTHING until Rude got out there.
Sting is with Gene Okerlund as the show closes. He challenges Pretty Wonderful to a tag match with a partner next week and he celebrates having the Rude match signed for Spring Stampede.

Overall, another solid episode (and not nearly as much Gene Okerlund obnoxiousness as usual). The Boss/Cook match is for sure going out of your way to see if you ever get to see these shows and Anderson/Pierce was solid.

As always, thanks for reading and we applaud you for coming to…

  1. Stephen Lyon permalink

    Hi guys,

    Just discovered your blog.

    You’re doing an awesome job, keep it up! 1994 was a really interesting time in WCW.


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