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#SupportProWres – Our Twitter Movement

by on April 14, 2011

We all want wrestling. You want wrestling, #IWantWrestling, we all want it. Here’s the thing: it’s OUT THERE. Every day, we do the Match of the Day feature on this website. But, that’s just ONE match a day. You can go on Youtube, Dailymotion, websites of VARIOUS promotions and get pro wrestling.

That’s why, today, we are proud to launch a new social media movement for those of us who want wrestling and get it. We need to get people to realize that just wanting wrestling isn’t going to do anything. If you’re wanting wrestling but not getting it, you’ve got to broaden your horizons. You’ve got to keep your eyes and ears open, searching for it. Most of all: you’ve got to SUPPORT it.

Starting right NOW, we ask of you that, if you post anything on Twitter related to your love of wrestling, whether it be an angle you loved, a wrestler you enjoy watching, some match or TV show you found on Youtube or another streaming website, or any other positive vibes, you hashtag it with #SupportProWres.

#SupportProWres will hopefully promote positivity within a community of fans who can harp on the negativity at times and get the word out about good wrestling products that are out there. This is only what we make of it and I think we could make this something really cool. Let’s all connect and open up others’ eyes to how great wrestling can be.

One more time: that’s hashtag #SupportProWres for any wrestling-related positivity or discovery you want to post on Twitter. If you choose to join us in this mission, we humbly thank you. Godspeed and party on!



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