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LISTENER-VOTED 4/13 Match of the Day: Cedric Alexander vs Chip Day

by on April 14, 2011

Welcome to what will be hopefully a normal feature on the site every Thursday: Match of the Day, as voted by YOU, the consumer! To send in your selection to hopefully be put up on the site, it’s simple! Just send me a tweet @tomisnotgreat with a link to your selected match on Youtube or Dailymotion and why we should put it up. If you get selected, we’ll post your match, your explanation, and plug your Twitter. It’s that simple.

Today’s MotD comes from our pal Will Hoefer, who sent us a match from Rampage Pro Wrestling in Georgia between Chip Day (who stole the show at the 2009 Carnage Cup in a non-tournament four-way match with Slim J, Vincent Nothing, and Chrisjen Hayme) and a young man who’s gotten some buzz off of working for Ring of Honor recently: Cedric Alexander (referred to as Cedric Johnson in the video.

Here’s what Will (who you can find on Twitter at @willh417) had to say about the match:

“First off, I remember one of your hosts (T-Mack?) having trouble remembering who Cedric Alexander was. He’s the black dude with the mohawk. Potential racist comments averted, lol.

Of note is that Cedric works for a ton of NC promotions, ROH (mostly on pre-shows and undercards for NC/VA shows), and PWG this January for WrestleReunion (through Highspots akin to Jake Manning). He’s kind of popping up all over the place, which really shows his dedication to make it in this crazy indy wrestling world in my opinion. Crazy to think that this kid has worked on the main cards of ROH and PWG shows within the past year or so (no clue how long he’s been wrestling), and is only going to get better.

Chip Day is probably a familiar name to many indy fans, as he has pooped up for one shots with Chikara (YLC VI) in mid 2008, and CZW (Dragon Night) in early 2010. Right now, he’s really honing his craft in Rampage Pro Wrestling (where this match takes place no less), where he’s part of the Jimmy Rave Approved stable, featuring Jimmy Rave (duh), Mike Posey, and Corey Hollis. Hopefully Chip and his stablemates can realize their potential under Rave’s tutelage, and become a future force on the indy wrestling world.

As for the match itself, I dug it because it was six minutes of pretty darn crisp stuff from Cedric and Chip, but it was also held together very well by Cedric, who worked heel in this match. Cedric as a heel can be kind of boring if he tries to work the crowd (because it’s hard to hear him during a promo, imagine a freaking match with a crowd) by slowing things down too much. This match allowed Cedric to use his quickness to be a good heel by stopping periodic comebacks by Chip until the big babyface comeback that turns the match around. Just something different from the usual faire in the South that I dug.”

Once again, thanks to Will for picking out this match for us and hopefully YOU can be next week’s chosen one! For now though, enjoy the match underneath the cut!


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