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Chikara King of Trios Examiner Pt. 4: Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Go to ‘Trios!

by on April 14, 2011

By Thomas Green

Welcome to your final edition of our King of Trios ’11 Examiner, where we take a look at why we’re excited for King of Trios (and you should be too!).  This time, we’re going to do something a little different. Instead of your normal, every-day column looking at an aspect of the weekend’s festivities, we’re GOING INTO LIST FORM!

That’s right: we’re going to give YOU the top ten reasons why we think you should be nowhere else but King of Trios at the Asylum Arena this Friday through Sunday in South Philadelphia! Of course, if you can’t attend, keep locked into THIS VERY WEBSITE, as our buddy Ben Pasco will be sending in live results for all three nights of the biggest event in the Chikara solar system! Then after you do that, head on over to our amigos at, who will be able to hook you up with DVD’s of the event shortly after it happens (but give them at least a week or two; they’re cyborgs, not full-blown robots).

Under the cut,  we give you the top ten reasons you should be at King of Trios!

10. TAG TEAM GAUNTLET! Bryan Alvarez’s favorite match returns, as ten teams (mostly consisting of combos from previously-eliminated trios strive to survive on a quest to win the bout and get three points (for those of you who don’t know, you need three consecutive wins/points in order to get a shot at Chikara’s Campeonatos de Parajas, or tag team championship). Between the Chikara regular teams and the crazy pairs they’ll make out of possibly eliminated teams, this one should, at the very least, be fun to consume.

9. Archibald Peck of The Band has laid out an open challenge for Night Two. Honestly, as long as someone smacks him, it doesn’t matter to us here at the site who takes him up. That might sound harsh, but we found a picture of Peck in a previous life and well…who DOESN’T want to smack this face?

8. THE FAN CONCLAVE! When I was a kid, the Wrestlemania 10 Fan Access convention looked like the coolest place on Earth! You could step in Andre the Giant’s footprints, see Hulk Hogan’s torn spandex shirt collection, or even high-five Howard Finkel! The Chikara Fan Conclave makes you feel like that kid all over again! They’ll have a booth where you can do play-by-play on your favorite Chikara match with your favorite Chikara commentator, compete to stake your claim as the number-one dancer in the Chikaramy as the Osirian Portal hosts their big dance-off, try to test your safe-lifting ability by attempting to bodyslam the 375 pound-plus Tursas, and hear the first concert ever performed in Philadelphia by melodic rock icon Stan Bush (“The Touch”, the Kumite song from Bloodsport).

7a. Louden Noxious will probably sing and we will all love it. The guy’s a talented songwriter with velvet tones and a handsome face. Yeah, I said it.

7b. Leonard F. Chikarason will be floating around all weekend. While we haven’t confirmed this, I think if you mention Mike & Tom Present… to him, he’ll give you a firm handshake.

6.  Madison Eagles has also laid out an open challenge for King of Trios. Usually, when promotions throw on a women’s match, either they get cut short for time or there’s just something missing in the execution, but Eagles has been a delightful surprise in Chikara. She’s had bouts with Sara Del Rey & Toshie Uematsu in recent months that’ve been better than a lot of the all-male matches on the cards they’re on.

5. Speaking of open challenges, Eddie Kingston has ALSO laid one out for Night Three. Last year, he ended up getting Christopher Daniels. Who could he get this year? Akira Tozawa? Dick Togo? KING KONG BUNDY?!?!

4. The most fun part of big tournament weekends like this are seeing guys who either the crowd groans at coming out or just simply doesn’t know, go out and become red-hot with one match. Who will go from obscurity or notoriety this weekend and become a darling of the Chikara fanbase?

3. Speaking of surprises: you honestly never, ever know who’ll pop up for this weekend’s events. Chikara’s been pretty darned famous for bringing in the most random of competitors for these weekends, whether to fill in for a missing body or just to compete in non-tournament competition. From Glacier to D’Lo Brown to Retail Dragon, they’ve all shocked the crowd at King of Trios!

2. Speaking of feeling like a little kid again: Sean Waltman is shaving off the beard and donning the old tights, thus giving re-birth for one weekend to the 1-2-3 Kid! Not only that, but his team’s first round opponents in King of Trios consist of Dick Togo, the Great Sasuke, and the Kid’s foe from the WWF’s Summerslam 1995 pay-per-view event: HAKUSHI! Seriously…all we need are Sid and Ted DiBiase chillin’ at ringside…

1. It’s fun! Honestly…with the caliber of  wrestlers in this year’s tournament combined with the live experience that Chikara’s become known for, why the heck would it sound like anything but a bad idea to pack some friends into a car and make the trek to the Arena to check this out?


Again, it begins TOMORROW NIGHT (April 15th) with a 7:30 PM belltime. To take part in the Fan Conclave activities, show up to the Arena at 2:30 PM this Saturday with $10 in hand. That’s it. If you live ANYWHERE within driving distance of this tournament, please do a little boy in Indiana a favor and check out King of Trios live! You’ll thank me later (and will even want to Paypal me $5).



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