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Bonus PROMO ROUNDUP: 4/13/11

by on April 13, 2011

So literally, as SOON as we post this week’s Promo Roundup, some talented individuals all post great promos online for our consumption. Therefore, we give you a BONUS Promo Roundup for this week…

First off: Shiima Xion knocks one out of the park, talking about his match with Jimmy Jacobs at Evolve 7 (which you can order by signing up for WWN Live with the link off of our ad on the left).

Next, the Briscoe Brothers are bloodied and ready to fight the All Night Express…

Shane Hagadorn is making sure that his Kings of Wrestling securely have gold in their sights and futures…

Finally, while it’s WWE-owned, it’s not exactly promoting something on their TV…but it should be. FCW wrestler Brad Maddox goes above and beyond the call of duty to do something for himself.  “The Brad Maddox Reality Show” debuted on FCW TV this past week and is easily the most creative thing to come out of developmental in a LONG time. It’s like TMZ meets the Dirt Sheet and is fantastic.



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