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Chikara King of Trios Examiner Pt. 3

by on April 12, 2011

By Thomas Green

Already in the Examiner, we’ve covered all eight first-round tournament bouts in the 2011 King of Trios tournament (taking place starting THIS Friday, April 15th and concluding on Sunday afternoon). From the 1-2-3 Kid to Jinsei Shinzaki to the Amazing Red to Percy, they’re all in the big tournament.

And then, there’s the non-tournament competition! Specifically, there is the annual Rey de Voladores tournament, where eight high-flyers compete in two four-way bouts on Night 2, then the winners face off in the finals on Night 3. Under the cut, we bring more details, plus a brief history and some predictions/hopes!

Rey de Voladores began as part of its own self-titled event on April 27, 2007, with outside stars such as England’s Pac (now a start for Dragon Gate) and Combat Zone Wrestling’s Ruckus. Chuck Taylor ended up winning the tournament, defeating Lince Dorado in the finals and becoming a more dastardly villain in the Chikara solar system for constantly proclaiming to be the “King of the Flippy Lil’ Boys”, despite his offensive arsenal being the most grounded competitor in the tournament. 2008 saw Mexican luchadore/current WWE developmental wrestler Incognito win (to much controversy from online fans), defeating the masked Helios at Chikara’s May, 18, 2008 event. Since then, the high-fliers tournament has been included in the annual King of Trios tournament festivities, where normally a few competitors are pre-announced, then the rest are selected out of the eliminated pack of Night One’s wrestlers.

The tournament’s format is very unique, as (as I mentioned above), they start with eight men in two four-way elimination bouts. The two survivors then face off in a final bout on Night 3, with the winner becoming “King of Flyers” for the year. The four-way format for the opening round often benefits the match quality of the tournaments, as the competitors chosen for the tournament usually focus their bouts on their high-flying, high-impact offense and with four guys in the match, it allows for a much faster pace than normal (since understandably, if let’s say Wrestler A hits Wrestler B with a Shooting Star Press after a series of dives and head-drop maneuvers, both men will take their time on the ground in fatigue, whereas in a four-way, Wrestlers C & D can come in and do something spectacular in the meantime).

Interestingly enough, only fifty percent of Rey de Voladores winners were Chikara regulars/students. Incognito won in 2008 (as previously mentioned) and Dynamic Dream Team’s Kota Ibushi took home the championship in 2009. Speaking of Ibushi, his first round bout with Jigsaw, Nick Jackson and El Generico was considered by many to be the best match of Chikara’s 2009 season, if not one of the top matches in Chikara history. Courtesy of the Chikara Podcast-a-Go-Go, you can judge for yourself below:

This year, we already have two participants announced: BDK member Pinkie Sanchez and Great Britain’s Zack Sabre, Jr.. Sabre seemed to be an odd choice on the surface, as he’s made his name as a mat-based grappler, but judging by some of his bouts with wrestlers like Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole (i.e.: the Sabre/Marty Scrull-O’Reilly/Cole bout from wXw in Philadelphia this past weekend), Sabre has some incredibly innovative offense and can fly when need be. As for Sanchez: personally, I’ve always thought he was underrated in how crisp his high-impact offense has been and a platform like Rey de Voladores is absolutely the platform that could show the world how great “Pink Ant” can look.

As for the other six participants, they’re currently a mystery. However, this year’s King of Trios field could produce easily the best RdV roster in Chikara history. Every single bout has AT LEAST one wrestler who could end up in this tournament and tear it up. Guys like the Amazing Red, El Generico, Marshe Rockett, Frightmare and Hieracon/Jonathan Gresham, to international greats like the Great Sasuke to guys that could be unexpected surprise entries like the 1-2-3 Kid and Mike Quackenbush. This year’s field, while three-fourths unknown, has the potential to be the most memorable RdV that Chikara’s ever done and could produce the best matches of the entire weekend!

On Thursday afternoon, we’ll be back to look at the other non-tournament bouts and events happening this weekend, but for more information, please visit! Remember to check back by the site late tonight, as we’ll have up our King of Trios preview episode of Mike & Tom Present…, featuring a great interview with BDK member Tim Donst and some more preview talk with one of our website’s best friends, Leonard F. Chikarason!



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