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Larry Sweeney…

by on April 11, 2011

I’m not tagging this because I’m not writing this for hits or for attention. Today, the world lost a talented, interesting guy. Larry Sweeney passed away at the age of 29.  Personally, I only had the privilege of interacting with Larry (and that’s the name I knew him under; I don’t have any right calling him Alex) a few times, but he was one of the nicest, most charismatic people I’ve ever met in my life. I remember in 2005, I added him as a friend on MySpace, then he e-mailed me because he noticed on my profile that my hometown was Crawfordsville, Indiana. His grandparents were from Crawfordsville and he had spent many summers there, so we exchanged stories of the local culture (he was especially amused when he found out my sister worked at the local gentleman’s club).

I saw him around IWA shows I went to after that and every time, he would specifically go out of his way to call me “the Crawfordsville kid” and ask me how the Touch of Class (the aforementioned club, which he told me he snuck into as a teenager) was doing. He didn’t have to remember my face and most guys wouldn’t. I’m sure it wasn’t a huge deal to him, but I always thought it was really cool of him.

I want to remember Larry for the good he did. He made so many people smile and laugh. He entertained; he was a character. I choose to remember the guy who walked out during that Young Lions Cup tournament with the pink bathrobe with the sparkles attached. I choose to remember the guy with that trademark smile. I choose to remember Larry Sweeney: a man who made people happy.

Under the cut (so it doesn’t freak out on anyone’s browser), check out one of my favorite Larry Sweeney memories ever: his triple-threat match with Colt Cabana & Delirious from IWA in December 2005, paying tribute to another fantastic entertainer who was taken from us too soon: Chris Candido.


Rest in Peace, Larry.



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