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HWA Heartland Cup Brackets Announced

by on April 11, 2011

Ohio-based HWA have released the bracketing for their 16-man Heartland Cup tournament, taking place on Friday, April 22nd and Saturday, April 23rd. If you’re on a phone and can’t see the photo, here are the announced bouts:

*BJ Whitmer vs Jimmy Jacobs
*Gerome Phillips vs Chrisjen Hayme
*Dave Crist vs Sami Callihan
*Ron Mathis vs Necro Butcher
*Jesse Emerson vs Paul Burchill
*Jake Crist vs Rich Swann
*Dustin Rayz vs Zack Sabre, Jr.
*Jeremy Madrox vs Tim Donst

Jon Moxley was originally scheduled for this tournament, but couldn’t guarantee he will be there. If he is there, it’s been announced he will be added to one of the first-round matches, making it a three-way dance.



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