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MALENKO FRIDAY (4/8) Match of the Day: Dean Malenko vs Ultimo Dragon

by on April 8, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day, on this glorious MALENKO FRIDAY, was requested by Mike during episode 29 of the show this past week, as Dean faces Ultimo Dragon in a WCW Cruiserweight Title match from Clash of the Champions 34 from January 1997.

The big revelation of this bout is how over Malenko was. This match shatters the myth that the Ciclope angle from Slamboree 1998 was a fluke. People adored this guy. The crowd were going nuts for him doing simple things like a vertical suplex. The weird thing is, Malenko totally worked as the heel in this match, even though Dragon was a heel coming into this match and had Sonny Onno in his corner. Malenko absolutely obliterated Dragon’s knee during this bout (including a mean-looking running kick to the knee while it was draped across the guardrail). There were some hot false finishes and teases before the crowd goes nuts for the finish. Great match.

To see the match in full, click under the cut!

(Sorry for the Dailymotion link; I couldn’t find a Youtube version that would let me embed.)



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