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Chikara KING OF TRIOS Examiner – Pt. 2

by on April 8, 2011

By Thomas Green

Welcome to the second edition of our King of Trios 2011 Examiner, where we try to share our hyped-ness with you, regarding Chikara’s HUGE annual trios tournament, King of Trios! If you need a reminder: the tournament takes place from Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17th at the Asylum Arena (formerly the ECW Arena) in south Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more specifics, including directions, hotel information, and so on, go to!

Last time, we covered four of the first round matches. How’s this for a novel concept: this time, we’re going to go over the OTHER four!

Atsushi Kotoge and Daisuke Harada return to both King of Trios and are bringing Ultimate Spider, Jr. with them to face 10 for ’11 class member Sugar Dunkerton, Dasher Hatfield, and Matt Classic, also known as the Throwbacks! I really wish I had Joe Gagne at my disposal to write something on Team Osaka Pro because true fact: I don’t know a lot about them other than what I’ve seen of Harada & Kotoge in Chikara. That being said, Team Osaka Pro stole the show on Night Two last year, in the opinion of myself and many others, when they faced Team FIST in the second round.

This year, they face much different competition than in 2010, as they take on the light-hearted trio from the past. I think this is Dunkerton’s match to steal, as he’s coming off of a hot weekend in North Carolina and Georgia for Dragon Gate USA with lots of momentum and seems to be as motivated to bust his rear as anyone in the tournament. The Osaka Pro guys come from one of the more eccentric groups in Japan, so the wackiness of their opponents should be easy for them to blend in with and, when the match kicks into second gear, I wholeheartedly expect these guys to be the sleeper hit of the first night!

Sinn Bodhi leads his Dark Army of Batiri members Kodama and Obariyon against the trio that many expect to take the proverbial trophy home: Green Ant, Soldier Ant & Fire Ant, also known as the Colony. Kodama & Obariyon have impressed the heck out of me since coming to Chikara; they’re like little Charly Manson-meets-Dynamite Kid mash-ups. I expect Bodhi to do what he does best in this environment: be really aggressive when the villains eventually slow down their fan favorite opponents and show off some of his awesome, weird facial expressions. Athletically, the Colony working with the Batiri guys will be really impressive and this should be a fun little bout.

The newly-formed Spectral Envoy of Ultramantis Black, Frightmare & Hallowicked face Team Dragon Gate, consisting of KAGETORA, Super Shisa & everyone’s favorite ball of Japanese charisma, Akira Tozawa. This should be the nutso, awesome big move match of the first night. Out of all of the great dudes in this match, I’m probably more pleased to see Shisa than any. When I first started watching Dragon Gate in 2005, he stood out to me because not only did he do the really fast flying stuff, but he incorporated the British style into the Dragon Gate stuff. His stuff didn’t just look good; it looked pretty. It disappointed me as the Dragon Gate guys broke out into the American scene and got more notoriety, yet Shisa didn’t get to join in on their reindeer games.

Now, on March 15th, he comes to America and he’s going to kick some booty! Shisa versus Frightmare is what dreams are made of. On top of that, you have Mantis (who always delivers in the rare workrate-type matches he gets booked in), Hallowicked (who’ll be a great base for the Dragon Gate crew) and one of the most beloved figures in 2011 non-mainstream wrestling: Akira Tozawa. The dude is absolutely 2011 Yoshihiro Tajiri in the best ways possible: epically charismatic, silky-smooth in the ring, and hilarious. This match will be the bomb diggity.

Finally, Chikara founder “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush leads his team of Japanese female legend Manami Toyota and regular partner Jigsaw against Wil and Joel Maximo, alongside their cousin, former TNA X-Division Champion Amazing Red. There are some who are complaining about Toyota being brought all of the way to America to wrestle the Maximos, but I look at it this way: if the Maximos haven’t improved any since their fall in the mid-00’s, Manami will probably have matches on nights two and three that her fans will love.

Personally, the highlight for me will be Red and Quackenbush working together around ten years after their first meetings, including at the 2001 Jersey Championship Wrestling J-Cup. Since then, both guys have improved a ton, so hopefully their parts will be pretty rad.


With that, we’re closing out the second edition of our King of Trios Examiner. Stay locked into next week, as we’ll have a couple of more editions of the Examiner, plus some pretty cool stuff involving King of Trios that we’re doing for the site leading up to the big events!



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