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4/7 Match of the Day: Jonathan Gresham vs AR Fox

by on April 7, 2011

Often, when folks bring up AR Fox or Jonathan Gresham, it’s soon followed by the odd factoid that they were trained by the Roughneck himself, Mr. Hughes. If you’re someone like Rob Naylor, that’s quickly followed by an impression of Hughes’ awe-inspiring commentary for his promotion, WWA4, and their videos on Youtube.

That brings us to today’s Match of the Day, which was posted March of 2010. Jonathan Gresham faces AR Fox at the WWA4 school with Mr. Hughes on commentary. The one great thing about Hughes (besides everything he says) is how enthusiastic he is about his students. You can really tell the guy is proud of his kids and it makes watching their matches that much easier.

The match itself, in my opinion, is slightly better than their CZW match from around the same time. The finish is kind of lame, but I enjoyed them spreading out the cool spots and telling a story around Gresham taking apart the taller Fox’s leg.

To see the match in full, click under the cut!



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