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10 for ’11 Day Nine: Marshe Rockett

by on April 7, 2011


By Thomas Green

Today’s entry into the 10 for ’11 literally stands above the rest. At six feet, four inches tall, he stands over most independent wrestlers. He’s gotten his name out as part of a group, but there are some big personalities that make it hard for anyone else to stand out above the rest. Heck, even though his homebase isn’t too far from where I live, I personally had never seen him until his East Coast debut in 2008. 

Introducing entry number nine into our 10 for ’11 class: Marshe Rockett.


Rockett, a Chicago-area independent wrestler, got exposure nationally at Chikara’s 2008 King of Trios, as part of the Soul Touchaz group with independent veteran Acid Jazz, “The Urban American Dream” Willie Richardson, and manager C. Red, the crew quickly got attention for their syncronized “Soulja Boy” dancing entrance, Acid Jazz blowing mist with Swiss Miss, and most of all, their manager C. Red’s ridiculous amount of charisma and showmanship. 

But, while that brought them to the dance, having solid matches and impressing fans and promoters alike in the ring kept them there. A big reason for that was Rockett, who isn’t as brash as C. Red and doesn’t have the uniqueness that Richardson has, but was undoubtedly the best in the ring when they had to put the pedal to the metal. Their travels as a group have brought them more Chikara bookings, as well as appearances for the now-defunct (?) IWA Mid-South and Dragon Gate USA (where Brodie Lee laid waste to all three at once on his way to a huge push, on the Untouchable 2010 show from Chicago). 


But, while people have heard of and dig the Touchaz as a group, I really think it’s Rockett’s time to shine as a singles wrestler. People seem to be slowly realizing how impressive Rockett is when the bell rings, with his impressive jumping ability and solid in-ring skills. His M80 (Ace crusher) might be the most impressive one on the American indies not done by A.R. Fox. His six foot, four inch frame certainly helps him stand out amongst a crew of top American independent wrestlers who don’t have height as a standout attribute. He also seems to have this young, fresh-faced, humble, long-framed Jon Jones-before-he-blew-up appeal that, if a promoter or booker could tap into it. 


Personally, I’d love to see one of the major indie groups take attention of Rockett on his own. I’m honestly shocked he’s not on the Evolve show coming up, unless it’s due to conflicts with his real job or something. He’s so physically gifted and he seems to have a different-enough back story (last I heard, he worked as a teacher’s assistant in the inner city around Chicago when he’s not wrestling) that I see dollar signs in the guy if he gets the chance somewhere that people can see him by himself. He’s agile enough that he could fit into that whole scramble crowd and he’s big enough that I’m sure he could be a good base for smaller fliers with experience against top-end juniors. If he bulked up a little, I could even see WWE being interested since ninety percent of the guys they sign just seem like they needed to be tall and muscular in order to get looked at. Though I haven’t gotten to see any of it, I’ve also heard awesome things about his work as a villain as part of Ryland Foxx’s A-List for DREAMWAVE Wrestling

To conclude: you might have heard of Marshe Rockett and know him as one of a few, but through the rest of the year, I honestly think you’ll start to see him as one of a kind. 


(Tomorrow, Michael Z., Midwest ring announcer extraordinaire and videographer extraordinaire (he directed the Jimmy Jacobs “Ballad of Lacey” trilogy, for example) gives his pick for the class in a piece we’ll be cross-posting with his new blog, Wrestling You Should Know, which is a place I recommend checking out if you’re into this concept since that’s exactly what that blog is about.

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