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(VIDEO) WWE NXT for 4/5/11 (W/ Thoughts)

by on April 6, 2011

From WWE’s Youtube page. Thoughts and opinions under the cut…

-Darren Young claps like Nick Maniwa.
-Maryse seems to always talk like she’s cutting a promo.
-Darren Young is the best wrestler of the rookies, but MAN ALIVE he’s stupid.
-Jacob Novak might be dumber since at least Young probably thought it was last year’s Mania. Novak was backstage at Mania watching and he had to think about it. Pay attention to the shows, man.
-Titus O’Neal thinking of Hacksaw Duggan before anyone else in the WWE Hall of Fame is choice.
-“I think he should be beheaded for that.” – William Regal on TItus O’Neal bombing in the NXT rookies portion of the trivia contest.

Match: Conor O’Brien vs Jacob Novak
-Poor Novak. He went from being told he wears diapers to Todd Grisham saying he looks like he peed his diaper in his new gold trunks.
-Conor O’Brien is trying to impress someone . The guy’s doing all sorts of wacky chain sequences (and he looks like he just broke his durned neck in the corner).
-“I throw British uppercuts, not European.” -Regal
-O’Brien goes over in the very definition of a nothing match (and I don’t usually mind O’Brien).
-Koslov’s smile is never not adorable.
Lucky Cannon apologizes to Yoshi Tatsu backstage, then sends him over to Maryse.
-Smitten Yoshi is even more adorable than Koslov’s smile.
-You’d think Ted DiBiase would have enough money to buy nicer clothes. Target jeans, really?

-JTG & Vladimir Koslov delivering dialogue together is epic.
-“FLAVOOOOOOOOR” is going to be my new text ringtone.
-I don’t have much to say about it, but the Koslov/JTG segment was pretty hilarious.

Match: Hornswoggle & Titus O’Neal vs Chavo Guerrero & Darren Young
-Eff Todd Grisham: the Hornswoggle music is totally neat for Titus O’Neal.
-The references to the Chavo/Hornswoggle feud are unfortunate.
-Chavo isn’t going to be world champion, especially at this stage in the game, but it’s a shame he isn’t one of the Superstars heroes that get 8-12 minute matches on that show every week.
-Hornswoggle’s lost weight. His butt’s huge, but not as massive as it once got.
-Grisham referring to under the ring as Hornswoggle’s “mancave” makes me think the dude’s got drums and a beer fridge down there.
-Titus O’Neal goes over with a Sky High bomb. If they can ever get Hornswoggle booed, he’d probably make an effective heel manager. The dude runs interference really well.

Match: Ted DiBiase vs Yoshi Tatsu
-DiBiase looks like the single least motivated man alive.
-Apricot Lil, the Tattooed Dwarf MUST show up on NXT next week.
-William Regal just described “fighting spirit” in the least douchey way ever. That’s why I respect the man.
-Tatsu wins by DQ when DiBiase beats him up too much. Regal cared so much that he just kept going on with his point about Undertaker vs Triple H.
-They’re seriously going to blow off the DiBiase/Maryse deal on NXT, eh?

Overall, maybe the single most nothing show of the run. DiBiase/Tatsu was ridiculously disappointing, considering how great Tatsu is and how DiBiase can be good when he cares.


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