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Chikara KING OF TRIOS Examiner – Pt. 1

by on April 6, 2011

By Thomas Green

We here at the Mike & Tom Present Militia of Crazy Dudes in Cabins are super-psyched for Chikara Pro’s King of Trios three-night event, coming up next weekend (Friday, April 15th through Sunday, April 17th) at the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, PA. To spread our excitement, we’ve got a big announcement coming your way on Sunday about some cool things coming to the site, but before any of that, we bring you the first edition of our King of Trios Examiner, where we’ll take a look at a couple of the bouts planned for the first round and our hopes for the future rounds and non-tournament bouts.

Today, we crack open three of the more anticipated first round bouts on Night One…

First off, 10 for ’11 class member and guest on episode #29 of Mike & Tom Present… Jonathan Gresham dons the Hieracon mask, as he teams with his Osirian Portal mates Ophidian and Amasis against 3.OLE!, consisting of Shane Matthews, Scott “Jagged” Parker and El Generico! This match thrills me because of the possibilities of how ridiculously crisp El Generico and Hieracon/Gresham will look together. Hieracon’s top attribute is considered by many to be how smooth he looks when he busts out his complicated manuevers and sequences and Generico seems to do everything he tries as slick as you can think of. Plus, Generico’s a really great base for smaller fliers (i.e.: his PWG matches with Pac, Ricochet, Generation Me, etc.), so he should be able to make Hieracon and Ophidian look like two of the best fliers in the land on that night. Plus, you have Amasis (who’s no dork himself) and 3.0, who if nothing else will be entertaining while working the corner (though I totally see them being motivated to steal some eyeballs and coming to impress).

Speaking of 10 for ’11 class members, Jakob Hammermeier teams up with BDK partners Tim Donst and Delirious to face the Soul Touchaz of Willie “Da Bomb” Richardson, Acid Jazz, and Marshe Rockett. With the big story coming in of the BDK taking out Dymond and C. Red, I totally expect this to be a much more punch-and-kick, brawling-type match with the BDK flying around everywhere for the heroes coming for revenge. Personally, the Hammermeier/Willie involvement is what I’m anticipating the most. Jakob comes in doing his schtick, Willie gives him that look that only Willie Richardson can give you, the big POUNCE…it’s a perfect scenario. Personally, I want to see the BDK win just because I think this is Marshe Rockett’s year (more on that tomorrow, M&T pals…) and him having a big performance in Rey de Voladores would be the jump-start he needs. Big, tall Marshe against all of those little flier-types would be fantastic.

In what most are referring to as “the #1 seed facing the #16 seed”, FIST of Chuck Taylor, Icarus and Johnny Gargano face Team Australia of Tama Williams, Percy and Kabal. Considering I’m one of the majority who has NEVER seen Team Australia, so I honestly can’t and won’t say a word about them until I can give them a fair opinion, but I don’t know of one person that expects them to win. Here’s how I look at it: either these dudes suck and FIST can show off their comedic chops to make it entertaining without doing a whole lot. But, if these guys are the pleasant surprise of the tournament, you’ll have a good match with that awesome “crowd discovering new guys being great” reaction that’s always fun to watch.

And finally, my personal favorite match of the weekend. Yeah, it’s awesome that the Michinoku Pro guys are coming over and I’m sure they’ll bust their rear ends. It’ll be great to see Dick Togo on his road to retirement, as I’m sure he’ll be wearing his working shoes. Seeing Sasuke in the Arena fourteen years after his American breakout at King of Trios will be neat. But, the biggie over all biggies: the 1-2-3 Kid is wrestling Hakushi in a rematch from WWF Summerslam 1995!

That might be the coolest thing any wrestling company does in 2011. The Kid was part of one of my first WWF memories (I was a little Stinger when I was a preschooler and didn’t watch a ton of WWF, so the Lightning Kid from Global beat Razor Ramon on Raw, I flipped my crap and got too hyper to go to bed that night, which made my mom none too happy) and Hakushi was a dude I loved as a kid, simply because he was Japanese. I don’t know what it was, but Jushin Liger made 8-year-old Tom think all Japanese guys ruled. Therefore, when Hakushi showed up and was Japanese, I loved him! Plus, he ended up being actually good and blew my mind with his flying, so he was a hero of mine. The ONLY thing that could make this better is if Barry Horowitz was on Team Michinoku Pro or if Sid and Tatanka replaced Cannon & Corbin and the team was managed by Ted DiBiase.

(Side-note from 2011: Dick Togo and Arik Cannon were absolutely born to wrestle with each other. They should be awesome against each other.)

With that, we’re going to close the vault for this edition of KOT Examiner. We should be back on Friday to cover the other four first round matches and hopefully get you as hyped as we are for King of Trios!


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