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4/6 Match of the Day: Irish Airborne vs Zero Gravity

by on April 6, 2011

In honor of Jake Crist getting his big opportunity during the CZW/wXw weekend starting on Saturday afternoon, today’s Match of the Day comes from AAW out of Berwyn, Illinois. From their January 22nd, 2010 event, Irish Airborne (Jake and his brother Dave) face the high-flying duo known as Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza). 

This match shows off Irish Airborne’s development from their first exposure in 2006 as the young high-fliers who got their names out in IWA Mid-South and Ring of Honor, amongst other promotions. They play for really good bases for the smaller fliers and come off as really nasty heels. 

The match can be seen under the cut, but before you watch that, I wanted to give everyone a heads-up: starting Wednesday, we’re going to start doing Reader Wednesdays, where every Wednesday, we pick a match sent to us by a reader/listener of the website and use that for our Match of the Day.
Here’s how it works: hit me up on Twitter (@tomisnotgreat) with a link to your match and an explanation why we should pick it. Whoever we pick, we’ll post your tweet(s) on the site, give you credit, and post your match on the site! Now, onto today’s match!



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