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10 for ’11 Day Eight: Shiima Xion/Zima Ion

by on April 6, 2011

By Rob Naylor

Shiima Xion, a 7-year veteran of pro wrestling rings, has been the hidden gem of the East Coast indy scene for many years.

He’s paid more than his fair share of dues over the years, and anyone that questions that should pick up the 2005 edition of IWC’s Super Indy Tournament dvd, where an 18 year-old Xion had the beeejezus beaten out of him by Homicide.
But it’s that toughness and resilience that has led to Xion winning titles all across the independent circuit while traveling all over the world to showcase his skills – and he’s still only 24 years of age.
Trained by Western PA stalwarts Shirley Doe and Super Hentai, Shiima broke in the hard way at a very young age. He’s often pointed to a completely badass Big Japan juniors match between Yoshihiro Tajiri and Fantastik (which I will vouch for as well!) as the inspiration for his sojourn into professional wrestling (well…that and of course, AAA lucha mini “Chucky”.
Xion would go on to embark on an early and fortuitous tour of Japan back in 2006 (at the time he was only a two year vet of the squared circle), and he made it count, impressing DDT crowds with his high-flying moves and soaking up knowledge from one of the best wrestlers of all time, the incomparable Dick Togo.
Togo is not the only all-time great to have a hand in helping out Xion, as Shiima also got to sit under the learning tree of Gran Apache while spending time in Mexico. Apache, one of the greatest bases of all time and a man who’s ring skills are close to unmatched, mentored Xion on the intricacies of lucha libre. Xion put those teaching to good use while taking part in a series of tours of Mexico for the DTU promotion and even worked for the AAA promotion for a short stint as well in 2009.
Shiima Xion remains an underrated and untapped talent on the US independent circuit, as he has not had any regular stints with larger promotions like Ring of Honor or Dragon Gate USA, instead focusing on honing his craft on lower profile indies, while continuing his education at West Virginia University. This has been a blessing in disguise, as in 2011, Xion has a great indy buzz about him and appears to be on the brink of doing big things.
Xion’s unique look has transitioned over the years, with a clear punk/glam-rock influence. His gimmick of “Filipino Fashion Model” has also seen modifications over the years and it seems as if he’s finally found his niche.

In-ring, Xion’s trademark moves include the awesome “Lust to Dust” snapmare driver, a unique back suplex concluding with the opponent being dropped onto Shiima’s knee and on special occasions, Shiima has even busted out the high risk 630 splash.
In my opinion, Shiima Xion officially broke out and turned heads with an awesome showing at IWC’s Super Indy, turning back all the competition to win the tourney, capped off by delivering perhaps the greatest promo of his career during the post-match angle with Super Hentai. It had always been said that Shiima had the talent, the look and on May 8th, 2010, fans of indy wrestling found out that Shiima’s promo skills had reached their full potential as well.

Xion attented a WWE camp at FCW in 2010 and it was reported that he and Michael Elgin (another bigtime underrated talent), were given praise by those overseeing the proceedings. Xion’s emergence in higher profile independents is on the horizon, as he worked a set of ROH television tapings during 2010 and is set to break out in the Gabe Sapolsky booked promotions, with a recent appearance at Dragon Gate USA’s show in North Carolina in addition to his highly anticipated iPPV EVOLVE debut taking place on April 19th in New York City.
Time is on Shiima Xion’s side. At the age of 24, he is a “youthful veteran”. He exhibits a maturity and poise in and out of the ring that many other wrestlers of his age lack. He’s gotten guidance from several of the best minds in the game. All the pieces are in place and Shiima Xion is ready to break out and, imo, change the game. The only question isn’t “if”, it’s “when”.



(We’d like to thank Rob very much for writing this piece. If you can’t get enough Naylor on our site, you can check out his commentary on Combat Zone Wrestling DVD’s, which you can buy at Tomorrow, entry #9 into our 2011 indie wrestling breakout class is revealed!)


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