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Episode 29: Zone of the Combat!

by on April 5, 2011

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This week is our big CZW Best of the Best specialrama, as we’re first joined by CZW junior heavyweight star Jonathan Gresham, fresh from a tour of Japan for DDT! We discuss his match with Dino, cultural differences he noticed, being Bob Sapp’s personal assasain, and more! Then, we talked to him about Best of the Best, Zack Sabre, Jr., advice for young guys looking to break out, gaining the chemistry he has with the Osirian Portal, Bill the Butcher, and training with “The Big Cat” himself, Mr. Hughes!
From there, we talked to Rob Naylor about the entire wXw/CZW weekend, from the Sitoci/Hero match on Friday to the Sunday show at the ACE Arena and everything in-between! Other topics brought up include how the Cole/O’Reilly/Gargano match could really steal the show on Saturday, hopes for an Irish Airborne re-breakout in ’11, a dream Best of the Best comprised only of guys who quit wrestling too early, hot chicks at the mall in King of Prussia, and so much more!
Approximate running time: 81 minutes.
  1. Brian permalink

    What’s the time stamp for Naylor’s section?

    • About 21:00 in. I’d recommend listen to the Gresham part too, though…really interesting stuff and a nice introduction to him, if you’ve never gotten to see him. Thanks for listening!


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