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4/5 Match of the Day: Kid Kash vs EZ Money

by on April 5, 2011

Today’s Match of the Day comes from the 2000 edition of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Anarchy Rulz pay-per-view, as Kid Kash faces long-time rival EZ Money.

Kid Kash has this bad rap for being a hothead who pulls the “veteran card” a lot. Unfortunately, those opinions have clouded some pretty cool memories. Likewise, EZ Money bombed out in WWE developmental after ECW died, then had an incredibly lackluster Ring of Honor run that helped develop an “overrated” label for him.

Before all of that, these two (along with Chris Hamrick and CW Anderson) were part of the last wave of really cool, hungry, fresh young talent brought into ECW in 2000. Kash immediately got over for his crazy dives and ability to hit hurricanranas from almost any position. But, Money was pretty much the perfect base for Kash. He was a thick dude, but wasn’t too tall (so the big man/little man thing wasn’t too blatant). Money himself was athletic as anyone and had some pretty neat highspots. Also, while the aformentioned Hamrick always got credit for being the bump monkey of the Hot Commodity group, Money could bring the crazy bumps when he wanted.

These guys had better matches on the ECW house shows at the time, but this was a great 9-minute digest version of their best stuff, put together in this one match that hopefully you can enjoy during a short break from school, work, etc…so yeah. ENJOY!




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